180 challenger

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    Cavitation and weak hole shot 2008 Seadoo Challenger

    Hey guys! My seadoo challenger is cavitation good really badly. Hits redline 8.2k immediately whenever I floor it and then takes a really long time to get on plane. I have read about the ride plate not being sealed correctly but am still thinking the jet pump might just need rebuilt? What are...
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    Beep warning sharp turns only 2012 challenger 180 se

    Hi all, I’ve had a search so apologies if this is redundant. New to me 2012 seadoo challenger 180 Se 260 Hp. It’s in immaculate condition and runs perfect. When going high to WO throttle if I turn tight (not full lock) I hear a long beep. If I throttle back it stops and I can resume driving...
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    exhaust warning light

    I just bought a 2007 sea doo 180 challenger se with the 215hp. When I bought it the boat had only 2hrs on it. I took the boat out later that week to the river and it started fine. As soon as i went 5k-6k rpms it flash exhaust warning and made a continuse beeping noise until I shut off the boat...