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    Default 1997 Seadoo XP blowing fuses

    A friend of mine put his battery in for the season backwards and tried to start it. Seadoo is a 1997 XP 800. After correcting the mistake he had blown the 15 amp fuse inside the black box and the 5 amp mpem fuse. After replacing the fuse it worked and started and drove for 10 minutes. It continues to blow fuses with varying lengths of run time. We have been reading about possible stator shorting and rectifier problems. The rectifier looks like it got hot in a couple places. We metered the mpem to test if there is a short in that fuse's circuit and it checks out fine. Does this sound like bad stator to anyone? or should we be looking into anything else.


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    I seen this happen alot man..check you vts motor first..then check stator for shorts to ground....but to tell you the truth.. everytime i had people come to me and told me that they put the battery backwards, the mpem will star blowing that 5amp fuse meaning that the diode inside mpem its bad now...check everything you can before you change mpem....unplug mpem and check for blow fuses....if you can get somebody to let you borrow their mpem try it...but am almost sure the mpem its not good no more

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    I would disconnected the regulator... and see if the problem goes away. If it does... replace it.

    You may have gotten lucky, and just blown the regulator.

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