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Thread: RXTX Fault Code

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    Default RXTX Fault Code

    This is a bulletin that was sent to the service manager where I bought my RXTX.
    We have had a few reports of customers experiencing a Check Engine Light, warning buzzer and 6700 RPM rev limit on 2010 Sea-Doo's using the NA (normally aspirated) engines during hot engine restarts in very warm ambient climates. A likely scenrio would be like skiing or tubing on a hot day, restarting the engine shortly after stopping it.
    This is caused by a fault code that was intended to detect inoperable intercoolers on intercooled models. The air temperature sensor (ATS) is located in the engine air intake plenum and will sense very warm air accumulating in the plenum on a hot engine when it is stopped. Upon restart the ECM software is setting a fault because it is sensing air over 120 degrees and therefore reports the intercooler is not working, even though the NA does not have one. By allowing the heat to escape the area where the sensor is located the problem can be avoided if the very warm conditions exists, and the Check Engine message can be reset by stopping the engine, but remember it occurs during the restart. Simply opening the seat for awhile helps dramatically.
    We are very close to having a recalibration file that will correct this condition. The Fault Code is P0127 on 1503 NA.

    Some of the 2010 models do have the intercooler as mine does. I have had trouble with this problem since I put it in the water after coming from the dealer after purchase. I have got 1 hour and thirty minutes of run time on it.
    Just thought I might pass this along as others might be having the same problem.
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