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    Unhappy Remove engine - jet pump

    Hi Guys
    I need to remove the engine from the doo (04 GTI LE RFI) to either repair / replace grankshaft or more than likely whole engine (cheaper option), I have a shop manual and it doesnt really say much about what to do if anything with the pump / shaft to take out the engine.

    What do i need to do with the jet pump /shaft to remove engine?
    If i dont move the mounts how likley is it that the alignment will be ok going back in?
    How accurate does the alignment need to be? How do i check this?

    Any help would be appreicated.

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    I took some pictures with my cell phone that came out small but for what you can see is how i got my jet pump off... Took about 3 mins to setup and 30 second to pop the jet off..

    I had a pair of Retracable straps that I strap the back of the ski to the trailer.. and two hooks with holes.. I had to drill out the holes bigger for the steering screws to fit into them.

    Hooked the strapes to a fence pole. Its strong and wont bend.

    This is a good way to get it pump out even.

    side view.. You can see how the hooks are in..

    The harest part if you are doing it yourself is locking the trailer tires i used tire chucks or stops from a camper my dad had... and if you press your back on lets say the fence and put your feet on the ski you have more control and the ski wont move back when you crank the straps....

    I dunno, this worked for me.. The pump hasnt came out for about 10 years so it was a lucky shot for me?
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    That looks like a good idea with the fence post, I have just tugged and tugged and used a 2X4 about 3ft to push from side to side breaking loose the seal a little at a time. The spline driveshaft prevents a lot of twisting so however you can pull this is what it takes.

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    Default Engine...

    The engine will have shims under the mounts. Mark those shims to their locations. You can use a sharpie to make north/south marks to help to re-align the motor too.

    Once you do this, you will be able to put it back in the way you took it out. Although you want to be aligned well, the design of the shaft has a rounded spline type fit. This is so it can take up a small amount of mis-alignment.

    But, you do want it as close as possible...
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    Default pump removal

    your pump RogerC will take 5 minutes to remove. Undo the steering cable and reverse bucket cable(if applicable) along with the VTS rod(if applicable), then remove the 4-17mm nuts against the hull, after that, pull and she'll pop right off. The reason the previous poster had to go thru all that, is because prior to the "neoprene" seal, they siliconed the pump to the hull...

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