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    Default 2000 Seadoo Mill edition gtx 951

    I have removed the motor and am currently cleaning everything so that from now on it will stay this way. I got ripped off by the person I received this pwc from.

    I am looking to get this ski to at least 70mph +, for now I am putting an aftermarket intake, reed spacers, carbon fiber reeds, oil pump block off- to run premix now, and will most likiley add a aftermarket flame arrestor and re-jet the carbs, along with a carb rebuild, and new boots/bellows on the rave valves.

    What else can I do to get this up to more mph, I need to have my driveshaft checked and make sure it is not bent, I did notice that the impeller on one side is close to the wear ring and the other side has a gap ( worn out bearings?) and have thought about a complete new stainless pump housing, a intake grate, ride plate and new impeller....in doing what I have listed will I at least pull 70mph out of this ski?

    I am also pulling the head this weekend and taking it to the mahine shop to be cleaned along with the jugs/cylinders to be cleaned.

    I am buying an alingment tool and need to know how to adjust the powervalves/rave valves on the motor (red tops) I also need to replace my motor mounts...does anyone make heavy duty motor mounts for these like poly instead of rubber?

    any real thoughts would help....please do not reply with this is a 2 stroke 3 seater it will not go faster...or buy a newer ski.....

    This is a motor..any motor can be made to go faster...thanks for your help in advance......I will also be looking for riders to go out with in the Sarasota,FL areas

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