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  1. whitewheels

    rebuilt pump made my boat worse

    Last season I saw that my wearring was bad and "choclate milk" in the impellerhousing. So this winter I put new bearings in,new wear ring,new neopren seal and new carbon seal. Due to cold weather the boat sat for a long time and it wasn´t until a couple of weeks ago we went out to pull some...
  2. whitewheels

    Stutter 951

    After siting for about 3 week due to bad weather I took the boat out yesterday. Started just fine,died once on the way out from the docks but started just fine again. The when I got it going it ran good for a moment then start to "stutter" ,like it was only firing on one cyl,then it got going...
  3. whitewheels

    Acc injectors or what ever...

    Donno what the are called. Bras injectors just at inlet of carbs? Anyway. The mag one inject fuel just fine when you dab the throttle,but the pto one doesen't. If I hold a finger on the mag one the pto starts injecting.... you can also see on the plugs that they're not synced Any suggestions...
  4. whitewheels

    Wakesurf behind a sportster/speedster?

    Is it possible to wakesurf behind these great machines? I know these hulls doesen't make any great wakes for wakebording but is it possible to wakesurf? Do I need ballast or/and clamp on wakemaker or just forgett it? [emoji848]
  5. whitewheels

    Engine swap?

    Is there anyone doing enginswaps on these sweet hulls? I know IDoSeaDoo have done it,upgrading to a 4tec,anyone else? From 2stroke to 4stroke or from 2stroke o bigger 2stroke etc
  6. whitewheels

    Another fishfinder question

    I've plugged my lowrance elite x3 so it get power through the aux light switch but I would like to have constant 12v. Do I have to hook it up back inte enginebay or is there constant 12v under the "dash" somewhere? Sportster LE
  7. whitewheels

    Watertemp at pisser

    Have relocated the pisser to the side of the hull just below rubrail driverside. How hot approx would the coolingwater be exiting the pisser? Out testing first time of the season today and I thought it was hot....could barely touch it. As you all know you can't reach it oem back at the towhook
  8. whitewheels

    Fast boat in good condition?

    Can one say that condition of carbonseal,wearring and impeller reflects the top speed and vice versa? Offcourse with a good running engine For example. My sportster le does 44-45mph on a garmin gps. If I pin it from stand still it cavitates a little(witch I read is normal?) and then is pretty...
  9. whitewheels

    Cool video on mirror lake
  10. whitewheels

    Am I getting closer

    Done some mild carbtuning this summer . Reading plugs every time I go out Started with this..... To this... And now I think they look pretty nice. Anyone can confirm? The high speed is all the 1/4 turn to lean and the low speed is as the manual + 1/4 turn clockwice then another like 1/8...
  11. whitewheels

    Fuel valve cleaning

    Ran out of gas yesterday(first time) Great to test the fuelreserv I thought,but couldn´t get the valve to "open up" . Thou I had a spare can I manage to idle back to dock. It´s an "old" boat so I understand that the valve needs some attention but does it cleans out nice or is a new valve the...
  12. whitewheels

    seadoo-weedless Did a little take on how little seaweed it takes for the jet to cavitate. I don´t have the weedless grate so the manual instruct to put it in reverse and give a little throttle. doesen´t work for me. There´s a lot of seaweed at my dock,like just under the surface...
  13. whitewheels

    Iregular throttle respons

    Had the boat out on the lake a couple of weeks now. Have some trouble with debries were I dock the boat but noting that don't clean out with some on and off. I always have some sluggis response with the throttle lever. Today it got really bad. Ex. Put it in crusinspeed like almost halv throttle...
  14. whitewheels

    Oem pics?

    Fairly new in the seadoo boat game I wonder if anybody now how seadoo mounted the bilgepump and auto levelsensorfrom factory? As now my bilgepump sits loose in the back of the enginecompartment,some time at it's side sometimes even upside down . Also the level sensor ,the black square one just...
  15. whitewheels

    Please tell me what this is?

    Got two of these and when boat sits at dock it's pouring water from one of them. I suspect that this is my leakage problem
  16. whitewheels

    Aftermarket tach gauge

    Can't get any signal to my aftermarket tach gauge. Oem gauge didn't work so just swapped it for a aftermarket one . Can't find any wireing diagram for sportster le either(only sportster 1800? with different wire colors). Figure out ground,12v and light. Have darkblue and pink wire left Tried...
  17. whitewheels

    CB shaft issue 951 carb

    Finally got my boat in the water last seson but the engine vibrated like cracy. All the studs and bolts at the exhaust went loose......two times. Was breaking in the new top end so manage to cut the engine in time. Anyway thought I mess up when I mesured my crank(bought the engine with new top...
  18. whitewheels

    My resto project finally on the lake.......not without some problems

    Yesterday evning I finally got my newly finished resto build sporster le in the lake. New top end meant runing in the motor. I´m a totaly newbie on boats and specially on jets First halfhour at max 25% throttle went fine. Have 1:50 aditional oil direct in the tank so it was a bit smokey...
  19. whitewheels

    Hot rod sporster LE

    Finally finished my resto prod. It´s a modelyear 2000 and came from florida to sweden in 2004/2005. Can imagen that it was 15 years of filth in the enginecompartment and hull that I was cleaning out :o Rubbed and polished hull Painted rubrail (from purple to black. the outer one not mounted...
  20. whitewheels

    Totaly gutted! :-(

    Finally started to hook up my rebuild 951 in my sportster resto project. Got the day off and had plans of doing a first on-trailer start-up this evning......but this happend... So being a boat with fuel in a closed engine bay I don't wanna take any chanses. Is this solved only with a new carb...