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  1. mikidymac

    1999 Sea-Doo Challenger 1800 Rotax 787

    The black carbon on the top of the piston and scuffing on the sides. Lean.
  2. mikidymac

    2002 Seadoo gtx di

    Your low pressure is more than likely from the aftermarket pump.
  3. mikidymac

    96' XP taking on hot water

    The only thing that gets sealant is the copper ring with Ultra Copper RTV.
  4. mikidymac

    96 GTX Mid Range problem

    Not exactly, it’s cumulative so at WOT everything is adding fuel from the pilot jet to the mains to the screws. The HS screw is basically a half jet size. Just do a plug chop at WOT and that will tell you if you are rich or lean instead of guessing at jets.
  5. mikidymac

    97 SPX RAVE valve stem split off

    Cylinders will need to be bored oversized and oversized pistons and rings fitted.
  6. mikidymac

    Help! 93 gtx what line is this??

    It’s only if you have a flooded battery. If you have a maintenance free battery there’s nothing to connect to.
  7. mikidymac

    97 SPX RAVE valve stem split off

    It has to come out.
  8. mikidymac

    1998 gsx limited seating

    Really no clue what you are asking or what we are looking at?
  9. mikidymac

    Fraud Daniel edery catch him

    Maybe we should all start bombing his ads telling him to stop stealing peoples money and we are contacting the authorities. Just to make sure he knows the word is out.
  10. mikidymac

    Loose Bellows

    Do not use or buy o-ring #9 as that is an old way of retaining the stainless hat and was a failure point. Because of this seadoo changed to a stainless "C" clip, part number... 272000135 "C" Clip MSRP: $7.99 Dealer Price: $6.79
  11. mikidymac

    Melted rave valve.

    Typically the o-ring is bad on the valve shaft letting too much hot gas up into the bellows and melting everything. Try replacing the o-ring with a heat resistant OEM one. If it still melts it's because the housing and valve are too worn.
  12. mikidymac

    To much oil, fouling plugs

    Pop-off or not that needle is worn and should be replaced. The visible groove on it is a sign that it is worn.
  13. mikidymac

    Exhaust clogged, maybe?

    The only way the exhaust will overheat is if you have a blockage somewhere. Here is your cooling system diagram.
  14. mikidymac

    1993 SeaDoo XP - Engine missing, possible fuel starvation?

    It's so nice when it ends up being something simple. Glad you finally got it and enjoy that ski!
  15. mikidymac

    94 XP had 4-stroke 5-30w put in it

    Since you are questioning what it is I wouldn’t run it.
  16. mikidymac

    Need Purchasing Advice - 1998 (1997.5) GSX Limited

    The head has been off for same reason and the pipe bolt is missing. @Matt Braley can give you a good history lesson on the Gray Ghost.
  17. mikidymac

    To much oil, fouling plugs

    What does the diaphragm look like? What was the pop-off? Did it pass leakdown before taking it apart? The accelerator pump diaphragm looks dirty?
  18. mikidymac

    94 XP had 4-stroke 5-30w put in it

    How do you know the oil was 5W-30 for sure? The seadoo mineral oil is the same golden color. Drain the tank and the rotary cavity on the engine. No reason to change the oil pump. Bleed the system correctly and you can premix the first fuel tank with the correct oil if you want, 50:1 should be...
  19. mikidymac

    Hydrolocked followed by low compression

    Make sure you remove the PTO before pulling the engine. makes it much easier.
  20. mikidymac

    95XP drive shaft seals/bearings (in hull)

    Yours has the carrier bearing and it should be replaced if it is going out or it will tear the through hull fitting out and your ski will sink. OSD Seadoo sells replacement carrier bearings.