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  1. Cheap Engineer

    1998 Challenger slight refresh, at least I hope

    I have been following all the different repair threads going on and thought it was about time to add mine. I bought this 98 Challenger in October of last year. No water test, it was too cold at that time here in Michigan. Check the compression and everything looked great. Stored the boat for...
  2. Cheap Engineer

    96 Speedster Compression Question

    I've been chasing a problem on a '96 Speedster and I just did a compression check and I think I found the problem. On my port engine the mag cylinder is reading 150 while the PTO is reading 120. I've done the test a couple of times now and it comes out the same. Could this cause the engine to...
  3. Cheap Engineer

    96 Speedster mid range engine problem

    I've got a 96 Speedster and the port engine has been given me some problems lately. Before I had the problem where the engine would not rev above 3K rpm. I put new plugs in, clipped the wires back and rebuilt the carbs. I've got black fuel lines so I did not replace them. Now the engine...