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    Want a Stereo (maybe)

    Considering installing a stereo and speakers, but want to set it up for wireless streaming from an android pad or possibly an ipad device. Are you guys into doing this yet? If yes, tell us about what you worked out?
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    UglyH - Sportster won't restart after initial use?

    Sportster won't restart after initial use Hi, my apologies for private message - I have just joined and can't figure out how to post a thread. I have just purchased a 98 Sportster 1800. First problem fixed with help of this site was the reverse cable. Second was the fuel...
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    Carb Teardown Found Water in FP Diaphgram

    1) Mid throttle lean bog, so tearing down the carbs for a good refreshing and found a couple drops of water on the crankcase side of fuel pump diaphragm. I haven't seen anyone mention this before so I thought I'd check to see if this is normal or if maybe I've got an issue that needs to be...