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  1. Sofla

    Horrible sound but not at idle... in gear?

    Ive been reading about the carbon ring and what it can cause symptomatically. In hopes of identifying the same problemic sound i get as the latest issue. Seems to be only in gear.. and once accelerating off the idle speed. I can best describe it as a arbitrary clang ; bang with a notable lack of...
  2. Sofla

    2016 gtx limited iS260.... code p2080...? Egt sensor

    Throwing a code that ref. EGT sensor . Not limping just giving the code and check engine light.... went ahead and bought the sensor... but can someone help me out with where exactly the sensor is located and how to get to it as it appears i will need to remove some panels perhaps.?
  3. Sofla

    07 challenger 180 Steering cable replacement

    Hello brain trust... Having a difficult time replacing the steering cable on my 07 challenger 180. The access to the 22mm nut that releases the cable from the stern end is impossible. Requires either dropping the ride plate to get to it... or finding a 10" deep socket to slideover the cable end...
  4. Sofla

    2007 challenger 180 wants to start but ?

    I have had a 2007 seadoo 180 challenger jet boat indoors sitting for a spell while fiberglass repairs were made to damages from an unfortunate kiss with a pylon. Now ready to go again.... it cranks, new plugs, thoroughly cleaned injectors, drained, cleaned and filled tank with fresh gas.. new...