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    Selling my 2005 Speedster 200

    I thought the 155hp motors were naturally aspirated?
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    Any 2012 speedster 200s out there for sale?

    Just throwing this out there to see if anyone is thinking of selling this coming spring. 510hp, preferably 2012. Thanks
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    2000 speedster fuel gauge wiring

    I need some help. Before I took ownership of this boat some one was messing around with the wiring to the gauges. The part I can't figure out is there's a Bosch relay in there with a male connector and a female and I do t know where this hooks up to. Is it part of the fuel gauge circuit? If...
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    2000 Speedster Project

    fuel pickup fix One of the breather tubes on the fuel pickup busted off so instead of buying a pricey new fuel pickup i came up with this fix. I picked up a 1/4" barbed fitting from the hardware store, drilled the hole in the pickup a little bigger to accomodate fitting and pressed it...
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    2000 Speedster Project

    update Well a lot has been done since the last update. New house, baby, and the almost never ending wisconsin winter made it hard to get things done on this project. But as it sits now the motor is in it and its almost ready to fire up. I dont have many pictures but i'll post a couple of how...
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    WTB SeaDoo boat

    The mercury motors only have a "bad rap" with people who have no or little experience with them. If you have a couple of minutes to flush the motor out with a garden hose when you get back from a day out on the water then salt water will cause you no problems. Even if you don't flush it out...
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    Mercury 240EFI M2 Full Rebuild Pics

    Old crank gear driven pump motor New style pump motor As easy as looking at the flywheel cover
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    2002 X 20 question

    Cant help you with the pump, but the hydroturf looks awesome!
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    2002 X 20 question

    Hot boat! Your motor does use the crankshaft gear that drives the oil pump that is prone to failure. What happens is theres a plastic gear on the crankshaft that spins the oil pump, and this gear becomes stripped for whatever reason (high temp, prolonged high revs, who knows) resulting in the...
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    2002 X 20 question

    Sounds like you got a pretty good deal! The one thing you need to check out on the motor tho is if the oil injection has been replaced/defeated. Do you mix the gas and oil? Being a 2002, you may have the newer motor that isnt prone to the deadly oil injection gear failure, but otherwise when...
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    250 opti SJ

    The gear ratio that came with the 250 pump is slightly "taller" if that makes sense. I cant remember the exact numbers but the 250 is closer to a 1:1 ratio than the other motors. the 250 has the torque to get out of the hole just as quick without the shorter ratio. If the 250 had the same...
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    **Wear Ring Stainless Steel**Pictures**

    How tight of a clearance does that give you? Just curious to see if they make it tighter than the original wear ring. Impros do it for you?
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    Gap between ride plate and hull on speedster?

    Thanks. I had a friend measure his and his is 24-3/16, so I think that's where my problem is. Thanks for the help doc!
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    Gap between ride plate and hull on speedster?

    Yea from the where the seal meets the hull to the end of the ride plate, not the trim plate. Thanks! And yea I do notice the small gap along the side in yours too now. Hmm
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    Gap between ride plate and hull on speedster?

    Doc, could you take a measurement from the front of the ride plate, including the seal, to the back of it when you get a chance? That'd be awesome. Hopefully mine would measure shorter and I'd get an easy answer then.
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    Gap between ride plate and hull on speedster?

    Look like the seal on yours fills the gap completely. I must of got a ride plate from a different boat that must be a tiny bit smaller. It probably wouldnt cause too much trouble except for maybe take off. I love it when you are trying to fix problems and end up making more.
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    Gap between ride plate and hull on speedster?

    Yea, here's the gap, it's at the front of the ride plate. This was a ride plate from a different boat, thought they were all the same but this one might be slightly smaller. Not sure yet. I have to check lots of parts numbers.
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    Gap between ride plate and hull on speedster?

    K I'll post a pic in the morn. Boat is buried behind lawn mowers and motorcycles right now. Thanks
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    Gap between ride plate and hull on speedster?

    So i put the pump back into my 2000 speedster and now theres a small gap, between 1/4" and 1/2", between the front of the ride plate and the hull. Is it like this on anyone elses speedster or Sportjet powered sea-doo? I dont think this is right but there isnt any play where the pump fits into...
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    M2 sport jet parts for sale

    Only pump parts sorry. Adapter plates, expansion cambers etc.