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    Any 2012 speedster 200s out there for sale?

    Just throwing this out there to see if anyone is thinking of selling this coming spring. 510hp, preferably 2012. Thanks
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    2000 speedster fuel gauge wiring

    I need some help. Before I took ownership of this boat some one was messing around with the wiring to the gauges. The part I can't figure out is there's a Bosch relay in there with a male connector and a female and I do t know where this hooks up to. Is it part of the fuel gauge circuit? If...
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    Gap between ride plate and hull on speedster?

    So i put the pump back into my 2000 speedster and now theres a small gap, between 1/4" and 1/2", between the front of the ride plate and the hull. Is it like this on anyone elses speedster or Sportjet powered sea-doo? I dont think this is right but there isnt any play where the pump fits into...
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    2000 Speedster Project

    So i finally have some time to start a thread on my project boat. I picked up this 2000 Speedster SK from another member here with no motor. i've always loved the hull design and look of these boats, so when i had a chance for a project one i jumped on it. the poor boat must of sat in salt...
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    M2 sport jet parts for sale

    I have several M2 jet parts I need to get rid of. Adapter plates, mufflers, expansions chambers, etc. all in good shape. I can email pics. Make an offer if intersted. Thanks
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    WTB: 2000+ speedster 160 blown/no motor

    Hey everyone, I'm looking for a 2000+ speedster that came with the mercury 240efi with either a blown motor or no motor at all. If anyone has or knows of anything please let me know. Thanks!