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    .Fuel filter 01 185 utopia 185

    200 optic motor where is location of fuel filter?
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    01 utopia seats

    Does anyone know where to buy replacement seat covers for 01 185 utopia?
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    Optimax 200 jet pump oil

    What oil goes in a jet pump? Is it 80-90? Sorry about all the questions my first jet boat.
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    2001 seadoo utopia 185 optimax 200 how check jet oil

    Does any have a picture diagram of where to check oil on jet pump? I don't see where u would check oil? Please let me know where plug is. Thanks
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    Winterize optimal 200

    I have a 2001 utopia 185 with optimax 200 engine. How do I winterize the engine from freezing? Are there drain plugs do I put in antifreeze or does it self drain? Does this engine have a thermostate I have to worry about? This is first winter I've had boat. Thanks for any info
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    01 seadoo utopia 185 seats

    Anyone know where to get replacement seats? Or seat covering? Can't find anywhere. Thanks
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    01 seadoo utopia 185 seats

    Does anyone know where I can get replacement seats? Or covering for seats? Have looked all over cant seem to find any. Thanks