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    Cleaning SeaDoo covers

    I have no idea where to post this so I'm hoping this is good or a Mod will move it to the correct place. How do you clean your jet ski covers? I have 2 SeaDoo covers that are only a couple of years old and they're getting dingy from travel and the elements. I want to slesn them up and restore...
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    Oil removal device via dipstick tube

    I have a an oil pump to remove my used oil but I don't have anything that will fit down the dipstick tube. What do you folks recommend? I'd really rather not have to buy a new pump that includes the needed piece. I await your sage advice.
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    Idle speed adjustment?

    Is there a simple way to adjust the idle speed on 2017 and newer models? These ginormous No Wake zones are killing me!
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    Opinions on installing ski module

    I'm considering buying and installing a ski module for my 2018 GTR but I want some feedback from those of you that have this feature. What is the max speed you can set for it? What kind of acceleration do you have for the variable ramp speed? Here's why I ask. My main interest for installing...
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    Flush port troubles

    Hey everyone. After recently having to re-winterize my 2017 GTI, I screwed up and unscrewed the flush port. As it is currently, I have no doubt that it will take on water if I try to float it. My son and I managed to get the threading restarted but cannot tighten it. How am I supposed to get...
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    Looks like my GTI is a little low on coolant. Is there a particular brand or type that I need to add or will any off-the-shelf coolant be good?
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    Emergency paddle stowage

    Im curious to see if anyone has tried and succeeded at stowing an emergency paddle inside their jet ski. How have you accomplished this? My thoughts are to stow a telescoping paddle inside the engine compartment attached to the topside hull. I think if I use the clips in the attached link, the...
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    Music on your PWC

    I like to listen to music while doing most everything. I've got a pair of waterproof ear buds that work great but at 40+ mph there is a lot of wind noise. What do you use?
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    Tow rope vs. 2017 GTI impeller

    Well, the hits keep on coming for me. Seems like I can't get two weekends of riding in without something breaking down. This time over half of our tow rope is wrapped around the impeller shaft and at least part of it is inside the impeller. I was in neutral while my spotter was pulling the...
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    Looking for floating sunglasses but there's a catch

    Hey everyone. I'm sure that I'm like most of you and wear sunglasses while riding my jet ski. I'm wanting to buy a pair of sunglasses or riding goggles that have 3 attributes. 1) They need to float 2) I prefer polarized and 3) I need them to be bifocal/magnified. My eyes are getting older and...
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    96 GSX quit running, won't start

    I was riding my 1996 GSX on Labor Day weekend. At one point there was a lack of power. I would give it throttle, the engine would rev but no power. Since we had just received 2 days of rain from the remnants of hurricane Harvey, the lake was several feet higher than full pool with a lot of...
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    Hello everyone

    Hi all. I'm David and I'm a jet ski noob. I bought two used skis earlier this summer, one was a 1997 GTX that has since passed on. The other is a 1996 GSX that runs great, when it runs. After the passing of the GTX, I have since purchased a used 2017 GTI SE that is a lot of fun and runs...