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  1. gday

    2012 speedster - reverse hook spring - looking for a pic

    So my 2012 speedster 150 decided not to go into forward easily and once there, would not come back out. Found the problem to be a broken and wedged reverse hook spring (part # 17 in the attached diagram). I'll buy a replacement this week but its very unclear how this spring is supposed to be...
  2. gday

    2012 speedster 150 speakers - looking for help

    I'm looking to upgrade my 2012 speedster 150 Jensen ms6007S speakers. In reading through the various threads on this subject, I see that various folks have replaced the factory speakers with either: Exile SX65M Wet Sounds SW-650 B POLK MM651UM speakers. There is talk about fitment issues with...
  3. gday

    adhesive help - trim piece 150 speedster

    I need to replace a cracked trim piece that's also come "unglued". I've gotten the new trim piece but what sort of adhesive should I be using to hold it in place? The trim piece is stiff plastic and the two hull pieces it covers are gel coat. The current piece looks like some sort of silicone...
  4. gday

    Speedster 150 center storage locker keys

    So I'm missing the center storage locker keys for my 2012 speedster 150 and I'm trying to figure out what I need vs $100+ new lock. I believe the locks are made by Southco. Are these generic keys ie any key opens any locker? Is my attached pic the *exact* keys? -mick
  5. gday

    towing - trailer hitch height.

    Using the attached pic as a reference, can anyone tell me what height A would be for an OEM seadoo trailer that came with a 2012 speedster 150? I appreciate any help - thanks! -mick
  6. gday

    Speedster 150 "special edition"?

    I've seen a few speedster 150's advertised for sale as "special editions". Can anyone clue me in as to what this is describing (assuming its not something made up)?? -mick
  7. gday

    Question re adding OEM tower to a 2011 Speedster 150 H/O

    I'm currently in the market for a ~2011 Speedster 150 H/O. For various reasons, I like the OEM tower. I've found a boat that's a perfect match for what I want but has no tower. I see OEM towers can be bought after market. I've done some searching of old threads and there seems to be a...