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    Down she went!

    I think thats just oil change though. Theirs always some left when sucking it out. Complete oil is usualy a lil more about .5 qts more
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    Down she went!

    Doesnt it take 4 qts?
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    Low voltage Code P0562

    Arent they sealed batteries? do a load test on it aswell. I just replaced a 2 1/2 year batt on my rxp. Held 12 volts but failed a load test
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    Low voltage Code P0562

    I still say that batt is slowly dying. Better to change now than be stuck half way in the water when she finally goes
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    Down she went!

    Just curious did you check that the fuel injectors are squirting fuel and theirs no water in the fuel tank?
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    Exhaust Gas Temp Sensor Replacement

    Searched and searched and cant find any answers to this sensor swap. Any one verify if a autoparts sensor will work. A seadoo replacement is 80. And auto parts one is 10 to 15. Anyone?
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    Low voltage Code P0562

    Battery is starting to loose a cell. Time to replace the battery. Reason the code goes away is because the stator is putting out the voltage it needs to run when the ski is running.
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    NEW parts thread!!! Now with links to pictures! 89-Present 50+ machines! GSX XP SP

    06 rxp parts available? Lookig for fuel pump and steering cable, impellar.
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    Need Help Troubleshooting a Situation

    Divorce and keep the skis. Minus the bro inlaw lol. Keep the cousin [emoji6]
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    best place to buy a replacement fuel pump and regulator?

    I just bought a replacement pump for an 06 rxp from ebay. 30 dlrs with outer and inner filter