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    1996 Sea-Doo newly rebuilt 787 having carb problems

    you shouldn't need an inline filter for the fuel other than the fuel/water separator. Adding this can cause issues.
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    1997 gti “ spin out “ trying to take off

    You are right ,The new wear ring may be sucking the bellows open. I think this is happening to mine as well but not to this of an extreme point. Sucking air will allow it to cavitate, engine tach up and forward motion dies down.
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    1997 gti “ spin out “ trying to take off

    oem wear ring? could it be spinning when the impeller spins?
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    1997 gti “ spin out “ trying to take off

    could the wear ring be spinning?
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    1995 Seadoo SP: Oil Leak

    If the hose clamp is to tight it may have cut the hose itself. It should be just tight enough to seal... on the repair manual for my gtx it list 11 exact tightness..... Ive switched to zip ties in most places....
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    1994 sp issues return

    Check OSD marine for your carb kit.
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    HX jet pump removal

    I saw this type of method on a youtube video, but wasn't sure it wasn't just a joke.... as the guy attached the skis pump to a tree and drove off. It pulled it right out but i am sure I would tear more stuff up if I tried it this way.
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    Restoring a 94 GTX have an issue

    If you read the repair manual Idle is set to 3000prm on trailer, and the same setting drops the rpm to 1500 in the water. So there is more resistance in water than on the trailer...
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    Restoring a 94 GTX have an issue

    I went back and looked over the thread, but maybe I missed it.... have you checked compression? Low compression would give you this same type issue. On the trailer there is no resistance for the motor to over come.
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    98 GTX RFI won't go over 10pmh

    Do you know what the psi is for the fuel pump? Have you tested the injectors? Can you tell if the plugs are fuel or oil fouled?
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    97 XP stalls

    Advance auto sells a version of the tool to get the pins out. Not the greatest but worked for me to test my speedo wiring.
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    oil light beeping UPDATED

    Is there still an oil tank? Did the oil tank have a float to tell you when you were low on oil?
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    Selling Etiquette

    I must be a magnet for odd folks. Found another machine but seller want to meet an a certain day, and place but won't give a time.......maybe he sold it. Again another situation where I said i would bring money now, but buyer says wait until X day and we will do it then when he's free...
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    98 GTX RFI won't go over 10pmh

    What were the PSI in each cylinder? And models are these?
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    1997 XP 787 No Start / gash in hull

    Starting fluid is not a good idea on these engines as it flushes away the oil that is used to lube the engine. And you confirmed you are getting a strong spark? then maybe start checking those fuses and that possibly that wire has something to do with it. What does it attach to on both ends?
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    Backfired now won’t run right??

    Runaway signals a lean condition I believe. When you did the carbs did you test the popoff pressures and the perform the leak down test?
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    What's this???

    look like where the speedometer paddle wheel cable should go......
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    Restoring a 94 GTX have an issue

    There are known issues with aftermarket kits. Not sure if this is your issue but I would use the the right parts to keep from chasing my tail with carb related symptoms
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    Restoring a 94 GTX have an issue

    Did you use genuine Mikuni carb rebuild kit? Not an aftermarket kit?
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    Fuel sender question

    The lowest into the tank should be the reserve and the shorter the on. That way when you run down to a level of on then you can switch to reserve and still have some full left at the lower level. Or am I’m thinking about this wrong? And the res and on should run to the Spector if you have one.