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  1. mikidymac

    Figured I'd let you guys have a crack at this - 05 GTi LE RFI won't run

    Don’t buy the aftermarket fuel pumps as they are junk.
  2. mikidymac

    95 XP Oil Injection Pump Maint

    Your oil filter is fine. If you want turn it vertically and tap it with you finger.
  3. mikidymac

    Sea Doo noob....2 yrs ago

    Welcome. Glad to have you here.
  4. mikidymac

    1997 seadoo gtx

    You only need the stock strainer. Don’t add an aftermarket one.
  5. mikidymac

    1996 GTX Backwards Firing after Rebuild?

    If it’s stock there is no tuning. Stock Seadoo’s run great with stock settings. If it doesn’t something isn’t right.
  6. mikidymac

    Figured I'd let you guys have a crack at this - 05 GTi LE RFI won't run

    Because then you are forced to take it to a dealer for service. Mo Money!
  7. mikidymac

    1997 seadoo gtx

    Are you using the Factory fuel filter or aftermarket? What is your idle set at?
  8. mikidymac

    wont start

    It could be the lanyard but more often than not it is the DESS post that the lanyard connects to. 1 Beep is telling you that it is either the wrong lanyard or that it doesn't recognize it and will not start. 2 beeps is telling you it recognizes the lanyard and is ready to start. On a rare...
  9. mikidymac

    Hard to start

    It's going to be on the front carb near where the throttle cable attaches behind the throttle cable bracket. It is pointing down. It IS NOT the one going into the side of the carb body.
  10. mikidymac

    Supercharger Melt Down - Your opinion wanted

    You can bet your wallet on it that the other supercharger is a ticking time bomb. I would take a witness with you to the shop because you are going to need their testimony in court I am afraid.
  11. mikidymac

    Supercharger Melt Down - Your opinion wanted

    Remember the days when shops had actual trained mechanics? Today they have "Service Techs". Not even close to being the same. I can't tell you how many times I have seen these service techs not have a clue because the manual doesn't list it or the diagnostic tool can't give them a code.
  12. mikidymac

    Hard to start

    If adjusting the idle doesn't work this symptom is typically a leaking needle and seat flooding the engine when sitting.
  13. mikidymac

    1997 seadoo gtx

    I would have to agree here and verify the fuel system is correct. It could also be a bad rectifier so you can run it with the red wire unplugged from the rectifier and see if that solves the issue but remember your battery will not be charging. The biggest thing is don't keep running it this...
  14. mikidymac

    Broken tooth on the main crank shaft

    You should never chance a bad sprocket. Only bad things will happen.
  15. mikidymac

    Figured I'd let you guys have a crack at this - 05 GTi LE RFI won't run

    Weak spark could also be essentially blowing out under compression also.
  16. mikidymac

    951 Carb Rebuild Parts

    Sorry you had a bad time with it. There are no brass screws inside but there are brass jets. To avoid damaging the screws you should be using JIS screwdrivers, they aren’t Phillips on these carbs.
  17. mikidymac

    Oil Leak on 2000 GS

    Please start a new thread and we’ll help you out.
  18. mikidymac

    Sea-Doo xP still won’t go over 4000rpm

    If it's the big stainless band clamp you should take it apart and clean the surfaces and copper ring and reseal with Ultra Copper RTV.
  19. mikidymac

    Hull separated

    It looks like there might have been a fire. The only time I have actually seen a deck separate from the hull was from a gas fume explosion inside and blow the two apart. I really think we are just seeing the rubber rubrail sagging down.