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  1. Jetskigoodies

    Removing spray paint from your plastic parts

    So we bought a 96xp with what seemed to be a purple siingle gauge hood. The seadoo was really dirty and it was dark when we went to pick it up. Washed up I noticed that it was a yellow hood painted. I tried to remove the paint with a scotchbrite and paint thinner and had minimum success...
  2. Jetskigoodies

    1995 xp800 good price It is missing the hump seat
  3. Jetskigoodies

    Weird backfiring issue at high rpm :bang head:

    Ok so we went to fire up the 99spx, we were just going to clean it up to get it ready to sale. Fired up great, we hit the throttle and it sounded great. We held it wide open for a couple seconds and it sounded like it was running on one cylinder and popping and back firing. So that is what is...
  4. Jetskigoodies

    Almost new gtx cover

    This cover was bought last summer but only outside for about 3 weeks. It was then put in a rubbermaid container. It does not have any rips. Looks great. $110 shipped. These are $200 new
  5. Jetskigoodies

    RESTO 98 GSX Resto

    We picked this gsx up for $600 last fall. Story behind this. The po bought this off of a friend, he used it for a couple years. It ingested water and blew up. The po was not mechanically inclined. He found someone on craigslist that said he would pull the motor, and reinstall a motor for...
  6. Jetskigoodies

    New nose bumper x4 black 95 96 xp 97 98 99 spx

    This will fit all x4 hulls They are black and nos Brand new in the package I will also include 4 rivets that are for the nose. They have a longer shank and are not sold at local hardware stores $60 shipped I will get better close up shots later today This is just a pile of the new parts...
  7. Jetskigoodies

    Brand new 787 800 head

    This is a brand new head. It will fit any carburated 787 Xp 95 800, 96, 97 gsx 96 97 gtx 96 97 Spx 97 98 99 I have the original package it came in. I took it out for pictures. You can tell by the mating surface this was never used. $100 plus shipping
  8. Jetskigoodies

    Nose badge buttons new nos

    I have a few of these so I will let 2 go. $22 each shipped. They are next to impossible to find
  9. Jetskigoodies

    What is this part?

    It is a big part. I am thinking maybe a boat part.
  10. Jetskigoodies

    Anyone need a testing tank?
  11. Jetskigoodies

    My buddy is going to look at a 97 speedster any advice?

    As the title says, a friend is going to look at a 97 speedster. I was wondering what type of issues should he be looking for. I know alot about the pwc's but nothing about the boats. Obviously we know about compression being 150. What is expensive to replace? What are known issues?
  12. Jetskigoodies

    Anyone know the fonts seadoo uses

    I know the seadoo is seadog but what about the rest of the decals? I am interested in the bombardier font Also the xp font
  13. Jetskigoodies

    Black pearl is back Remember this? I remember when it was up for $4000
  14. Jetskigoodies

    Sparks on craigslist

    I have been seeing the 90hp sparks for around 5k on cl. Amazing, I almost paid close to $7000 for one this year. $5300 $5400
  15. Jetskigoodies

    RESTO 96 xp stock restoration

    I know there are a bunch of these 96 xp threads but we have just had someone drop off their 96 xp and they want it restored. They want it close to original as possible. He wants new decals, the seat back to yellow, and it cleaned up to new. So I thought some of you may enjoy seeing the...
  16. Jetskigoodies

    Cleaning out the shop

    We have too much used stock at the warehouse and need to make room. All are fresh water parts No 951 parts No rfi parts either Parting out 96xp 95 xp 96 gsx 97 gtx 2 93 xp's We also have many other parts from other models. Cases Cylinders Steering cables Gauges Good tested...
  17. Jetskigoodies

    Multifuntion gauge in great shape

    278000502 Came out of a 96 xp. It is in great shape, the colors are vibrant and it works perfectly. I did not even wash it, this came straight out of the hood this way. $75 shipped to US
  18. Jetskigoodies

    Black x4 handlebar pad

    We have a black handlebar pad in great shape for sale. $100 shipped, I have it listed on ebay for $125 shipped. Ebay fees are ridiculous so I pass the buck on to the buyer on ebay, I would say this is a 8/9 out of 10
  19. Jetskigoodies

    RESTO Our 1st 951 ever!!! Resto

    Well today we picked up this 98 xpl, the owner said the motor was blown up. So we decided to take a chance on this. We paid $500. The good.... The cases appear to be good, the body itself is in great shape. It has Umi bars, finger throttle, after market FA(will be getting sold, am intake...
  20. Jetskigoodies

    New VTS gauge 278000451

    Brand new vts with oem packaging. $100 shipped to the USA lower 48 only anywhere else I can get a shipping quote