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  1. jskillz28

    RESTO Paint correction details

    1. What is your process, equipment, and materials used to correct oxidized gelcoat? 2. Do you prefer a wax or ceramic coating? 3. Do you bother with the underside? 4. Do you buff the black plastic windshields? Feel free to answer none, some, or all with knowledge. I am no body man (yet), but i...
  2. jskillz28

    Rpms sticking on 99 speedster

    Going from WOT to idle, the port motor will hang up at about 2kish and after a few second will drop down to 1500. Is there anything to worry about?
  3. jskillz28

    1998-99 Speedster conversion for SK ski pole

    I noticed that the sk ski pole is much taller than the speedster. Has anyone installed the longer pole in their speedster?
  4. jskillz28

    Wear ring spinning in pump

    Less than a month old wear ring &impeller, nothing has been sucked up (yet). Having checked and clearance looks okay, wanting to know if there is any tricks to stopping this without removing the ring. Also if not how would i save the ring it has to come off and be reinstalled with rtv silicone.
  5. jskillz28

    Lake Michigan Meat

    Never been to Lake Michigan on Chicago side, so not sure if its too choppy for a 16’ 99 speedster. Would love cruise through Chicago river and rip around Lake Michigan in august if anyone is up for it.
  6. jskillz28

    98-99 speedster spins

    Alright, what is the secret sauce to doing a 360. 180 easy, but a fast 360 i haven’t completed yet.
  7. jskillz28

    Spark boot Connected correctly

    Installed a new spark boot on one of my 787’s. How can i confirm it is properly working? I started the engine for a second to confirm it worked. I was assuming since they both need to fire at the same time for the engine to run.
  8. jskillz28

    Adjust a Thrust

    The idea is interesting, and seems like they counter balance the top speed lost with aftermarket impellars. Does anyone run adjust a thrust nozzle cones on their boats?
  9. jskillz28

    Rpm fluctuation between 4k-6k on port motor

    Random fluctuations on 787cc motor between 4k-6k up and down and up and down as i climb past 6k. I have a spark plug boot that i will be replacing and have a suspicion that it is the arching from the boot causing the fluctuation. could anyone tell me any other possible reasons this could happen?
  10. jskillz28

    Hello from Central illinois

    Purchased 1999 speedster this February, needed some over due tender love and care. But the banana is ready for a fun season!
  11. jskillz28

    RESTO Easiest way to remove seadoo decals on engine hatch?

    Does anyone have any efficient ways of getting the decals, glue and caked dirt off. All suggestions are much appreciated!
  12. jskillz28

    Jet pump gasket

    Just replaced wear ring on both sides today. The gasket between the pump housing and ride shoe chewed away part of the gasket as we started the engine :facepalm what would happen if i didnt replace it right away?
  13. jskillz28

    RESTO new ss impeller pitted??

    Just received my skat trak swirl 140/75 impeller and noticed there is some pitting. I shouldnt expect that from a new impeller sent from impros correct?
  14. jskillz28

    98-99 speedster ski locker ice coolers

    Wondering if anyone puts a bag cooler inside their ski locker, if so what bag and size?