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    951 Engine failure

    100%. I hate when guys recommend premix on these. Save SO much more oil and the oil injection, like you said, is really reliable.
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    So there are a few 2-Stroke Speedsters out there!

    Lol I love mine. For me it's the perfect size boat and it doesn't take up loads of space around the house. The boat performs considerably well with the 720. But sometimes it does feel underpowered
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    So there are a few 2-Stroke Speedsters out there!

    The SK really should've have the 787 in them. :(
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    717 engine ...1998 speedster...oil pumps removed

    My personal opinion is to find a couple oil pumps and set it back up for injection. It seems to me that fuel efficiency is considerably higher, in my opinion, with injection over pre-mix.
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    1995 XP 720 Restoration

    It's not on there yet. Have to get one.
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    1995 XP 720 Restoration

    Did get a little more done today. Should be getting the engine in it soon.
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    96 XP Project

    I'll try that today
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    96 XP Project

    Well I thought it was the magnets on the flywheel because it was pretty rusty. Changed that out and check continuity of the small black wire. Continuity checked out, still no spark. I happened to get a stator, flywheel and cover second hand for a good price and I got a known good coil and...
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    1995 XP 720 Restoration

    I'll check that
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    1995 XP 720 Restoration

    This 720 and the 95 xp 800 are getting built for me and my GF. The 96 xp is going to be sold as soon as I fix the no spark issue. I just redid the 96 xp motor.
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    1995 XP 720 Restoration

    Yes. I also have another 95xp800 and a 97 Spx but I just sold those two.
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    1995 XP 720 Restoration

    Small update today. :)
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    787 rotary shaft

    You shouldn't be able to just flick it and it spin you will have to physically spin it with your hand. Its it's really hard to spin then you may have an issue.
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    RESTO 1997 SPX Build

    Neat install but I agree. I would do somethings differently
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    So there are a few 2-Stroke Speedsters out there!

    The 2 strokes are actually way easier to find parts for than the mercury are. You'll be just fine with the 99 speedster sk. It does have the twin 720 in it. I have the same boat.
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    96 XP Project

    Did some wrenching today on the 96. The motor is together now, it's not pretty but this is a budget ski that I plan to sell so I'm trying to keep the cost low while also providing the used market with a good, reliable ski. I tore it all apart, did crank seals, all new gaskets, and new wrist pin...
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    95 XP800 Build

    Man this has been a long time coming. I have three current build threads going but I'm waiting for parts on the others so I started cleaning this. 95 XP800. This thing was covered in tree sap BUT I think that saved it! The gelcoat is beautiful after a good scrub. Soft scrub and a blue scotch...
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    1999 Speedster SK Late Season Update

    Mine is actually a Vulcan tower. With a reborn tower speaker system
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    1997 SPX Restoration Build

    Matt's trim tabs are sweet. I have yet to use them on the water but they look awesome
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    RESTO Paint correction details

    Blue scotch brite and some soft scrub. Then use some buffing compound to finish it.