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  1. mikidymac

    RESTO 1996 GTI jet pump.

    Looks like you broke yours off possibly when removing the pump although some use an o-ring and just seal to the shoe on the back of the ski. Look at the surface where the pump would sit on the ski and see if there is the broken tube or a nice molded flat spot for an o-ring to seal.
  2. mikidymac

    Water in engine

    The real question is how long has the water been in it. If it is longer than a day or two the bearings are already on their way out. The only way the remove the water is to keep cranking it with the plugs out and giving the starter time to cool down. It will take tens of minutes not just a...
  3. mikidymac

    951 Engine failure

    Actually it isn't and issue on these. Seadoo pumps are extremely reliable and will save you a lot of oil over premixing. The only thing I have seen go bad on them is a plugged filter from improper maintenance or the little 3/32" oil lines from the pump to the intake breaking from no maintenance...
  4. mikidymac

    787 RAVE questions with photos

    Well, looks like whoever you took it to was a hack mechanic. I hope the piece that is missing from the valve didn't destroy the piston because it went somewhere. So all of the factory OEM parts are still available for the entire RAVE assembly. 1. On the green bellows there is nothing on the...
  5. mikidymac

    Kawasaki 440sx

    Looks like it to me and the little square signifies its a genuine Mikuni.
  6. mikidymac

    2 Stroke Oil

    Do you have Amsoil there? Their Interceptor is great for your engine.
  7. mikidymac

    787 Crankshaft

    Nope. I always pull it with the engine together and put a block of wood in the rear cylinder so I can unscrew the PTO without twisting the crank.
  8. mikidymac

    Kawasaki 440sx

    On the bottom of the brass part you will see a number stamped. That will be the size. 1.0, 1.5, 2.0 etc.
  9. mikidymac

    2 Stroke Oil

    Not confused at all, it’s a semi-synthetic and the 951 and 951 DI require full synthetic so it is not an approved oil. It is however approved in the 720, 650 and 580 seadoo engines.
  10. mikidymac

    787 Crankshaft

    Absolutely and yes although you are going to have to find a way to hold the pto and the rear crank lobe. Whatever you do don’t twist the crank as all the pieces are pressed together and can be twisted out of phase.
  11. mikidymac

    2000 GS Speedo help

    Contact Nick or Jess at Westside Powersports Seadoo.
  12. mikidymac

    2 Stroke Oil

    The OP is in Australia so a lot of the oils we can get easily aren’t available there.
  13. mikidymac

    Kawasaki 440sx

    That would be for if you are still using the oil injection. The oil injection on the Kawasaki isn’t very reliable so I would use premix. Any rubber cap or even a blocked piece of hose will cap that fitting off. You definitely don’t want that sucking air. For an air filter your only option is...
  14. mikidymac

    2 Stroke Oil

    Don’t use that HI-PER 2 oil in a 951. You only want full synthetic especially in a DI. It would probably be ok in a 787 but you might have to clean the RAVE valves more often.
  15. mikidymac

    1995 XP 720 Restoration

    I don't see it in your picture but make sure you run the OEM carb brace so you don't crack your intake manifold.
  16. mikidymac

    787 wear ring and clearance issues

    There are only two wear ring sizes, the 140mm and 155mm and this depends on your pump. Aftermarket ones can have bad tolerances and cause issues but as your impellers wear they get smaller increasing the clearance too. There is no reason you should be replacing the rings every year or two...
  17. mikidymac

    787 Crankshaft

    Safety solvent although I might be known to use very dangerous and explosive gasoline on occasion.
  18. mikidymac

    Seadoo SPeedster 1998 RAVE valve replacement

    THe only reason to cut/trim them is if you bore the cylinder to fit a new piston you have to trim the RAVE valve so it doesn't hit the now larger piston.
  19. mikidymac

    2 Stroke Oil

    It looks like Penrite MC-2ST Full Synthetic says it can be used in Seadoo watercraft and is not TCW-3 rated, which is a good thing. You don't want anything that says TCW-3 anywhere.
  20. mikidymac

    2 Stroke Oil

    I know you are in Australia so anything is going to be more expensive but for your ski to live it has to be an API-TC rated full synthetic oil. The Seadoo DI engine is a lean burn 2-stroke engine which is not a good combination so it is always on the edge of destruction and needs that specific...