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  1. anthonymsaad

    Pull-out Cleats Sliding

    Not sure which specific models have pull out cleat options, but I noticed 2 of mine were a bit loose and would slide up and down using your hands. Does anyone have any experience with this issue? May attempt to remove the seats to hopefully access it and, if I have to replace them, try to get 6"...
  2. anthonymsaad

    Rattling Noise 2007 Challenger 180

    As everyone else mentioned, it's fairly normal. I think it maybe from the slack in the reverse bucket system rattling a bit from the impeller vibrations. But as @JPass mentioned, several seconds, not minutes.
  3. anthonymsaad

    Seadoo Speedster 200 2005 amp suggestion

    I had installed the JL Audio M700 amp to replace my Wetsound Amp, as I was told my WetSound amp was bad. Had the WetSound amp checked out by the sound shop that was installed the JL audio amp and JL audio head unit and it was working just fine and wasn't having problems, as the dealer suspected...
  4. anthonymsaad

    2010 Wake 210 430ph Not hitting 8000rpm?

    It seems like that, but when speaking in the world of boats, we have to deal with water drag and why we don't reach the same speeds as sports cars with similar power. And with drag, it increases exponentially so between 10-20mph, it isn't nearly as strong when going from 45-56mp, as it requires...
  5. anthonymsaad

    Odometer Roll Back

    For some background, I had some repairs on my boat requiring 2 new ECMs. Shortly after getting the boat back, and a few issues afterwards, I noticed that the hours on both my engines would not register the proper hours. This occurs when I finish up at the lake and putting the boat on the...
  6. anthonymsaad

    Newbie here I need your guys expertise.. which speedster 200 to buy.

    Haha well I definitely need to try hitting up Kerr lake some time! How's camping with the boat? Would love to try that sometime.
  7. anthonymsaad

    Speedster 200 intake grates stuck

    That is true. I was thinking of possibly adding just the articulating part of the grate. Don't need it fully actuated with a button. Don't mind getting under and manually unhinging it since more often then non, i Just need to pull a rope out then have it closed with weeds
  8. anthonymsaad

    Not starting

    My mistake
  9. anthonymsaad

    Speedster 200 intake grates stuck

    @JPass not sure if your boat has the weedless grate option, but do you know if it is even possible to retrofit something like it in our boat?
  10. anthonymsaad

    Newbie here I need your guys expertise.. which speedster 200 to buy.

    Which Lake do you go to? I'm out at Jordan and a month ago I saw a speedster that looked like yours. Didn't want to pull up next to it and scare someone, but if that was you, great boat! As far as top speed, I have a neighbor with an '04 speedster 200 310hp. He is a very tech savvy guy and...
  11. anthonymsaad

    engine sound?

    Im guessing if you hear some weird vibrations and sounds, it could be letting go, as long as it had the newer steel washers. If its ceramic, its an immediate catastrophic failure. If the SC is letting go, the engine can still run, but the SC isn't really spooling to make boost and through the...
  12. anthonymsaad

    Water connection

    I'm with @JPass on this. On all the threads I read, he's on most of them and has some really great information and help. He's definitely helped me out a few times. I have an engineering degree and both the owners manual and shop manual and even then, I struggle understanding some things and...
  13. anthonymsaad

    Not starting

    Just wanted to point out that you should really never jump a boat battery with all the wires still connected. There supposedly isn't much protection systems in place to guard against voltage spikes. That could easily fry components, like your ECMs. If you have to jump it, disconnect everything...
  14. anthonymsaad

    When should I rebuild my supercharger?

    I had talked to a dealer about this and were told there were several iterations over the year after 2008 regards to washer material. Went from ceramic to various alloys, to the current one, maybe 4th iteration? The latest one will last 200hrs and isn't brittle like the ceramic and failure occurs...
  15. anthonymsaad


    I can't comment too much on behavior. From my understanding, I can kinda see it running "alright". The temp from the combustion may burn off whatever is on the plug enough to get a good spark and, at the engine's high RPM, the moment of the crank shaft could possible be enough to keep the piston...
  16. anthonymsaad


    He is very right. I had mine replaced before getting repairs done (took 11 months) and after getting it back with 8hrs, spark plugs were bad and engine ran like a lawn mower
  17. anthonymsaad


    I've never had that issue, but I also don't have the same boat. But the Rotax Superchargers don't really "Kick in" like a turbocharger. They're positive displacement and always producing boost, even at idle. Are your RPMs going all the way up? Have you checked your spark plugs?
  18. anthonymsaad

    2012 210 Challenger Head unit

    The JL did fit rather nicely, but the cover for it did not fit. As for the helm remote, I had the same issue as jeffyp06. The shop that installed it put an acrylic cover over it. It works, but I'm going to replace it with a blue carbon fiber/kevlar plate that is 0.8mm thick. If I'm going to have...
  19. anthonymsaad

    2012 210 Challenger Head unit

    I got the JL Audio Media Master 100 and love it
  20. anthonymsaad

    Typical Running Voltage

    Going through the shop manual, the charging system doesn't really generate the 14V ± 0.5V output till around 5,500 RPM. Below that RPM, the battery supplies power to the rest of the boat's electronics and accessories. Essentially, below 5,500 RPM, you should be seeing ~12V. And if during your...