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    Factory boat cover from a 1995 Seadoo Sportster.

    Selling a factory boat cover from a 1995 Seadoo Sposter jet boat. It will also fit the Seadoo Speedster. Boat was always stored inside even during the summer so the cover is in excellent condition. $150.00 (OBO) plus $25.00 shipping charge. You can email me at
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    Jet Ski Stand

    Selling a Jetski stand $125.00 O.B.O. Local pickup only. I am located in Chicago, IL. Here my craigslist ad.
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    Just found out why I can't install a impeller boot.

    So this summer when I rebuilt my engine I tried installing an impeller boot that was missing from the drive shaft when I pulled the pump to remove the engine. No matter how hard I tried I couldn't get the boot on the impeller. So the other day while I was in the garage I found another impeller...
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    Piston size

    Rebuilding the 657x engine for my boat. Engine is out and torn apart. I notice that both pistons are stamped with 1.00 on the top. What does that mean? Is it 1.00mm larger than a stock piston? I think the engine is a SBT rebuild since the crank webs are welded and I received some SBT...
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    I think I found my problem.

    Been having problem with the engine in my 1995 Sportster. Rebuilt the carbs still no change, brought another set of carbs and rebuilt them and still the same. So last Thursday my brother and I removed the engine from the boat. When I went to open the front cover plate for the magneto, about...
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    Question on PTO carb rebuilding.

    I have a 95 sportster with Mikuni BN38 carbs. I tested the Mag carb with attaching a clean hose to the inlet nipple and try blowing and sucking and when I blew into the hose air pass, but when I try sucking the air was not able to pass. I reattach the hose to the outlet nipple and try blowing...
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    O-ring bearing Vs Pin Bearing

    Had a crank for a 720 engine rebuilt. The rebuilder installed o-rings bearings instead of pin bearings that was on the crank. Whenever I go to install the crank in the case because there is no grove in the case for the o-ring the o-ring keeps on getting pinched. Spoke with the rebuilder and...
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    Pinned Crank Bearting vs O-rings

    Rebuilding a 717 engine and brought another crank because the crank in the current engine has a bad rod end bearing. I'm replacing the end bearings on the crank and notice that the PTO end bearings are not pinned, but are o-ringed. Should I use o-ringed bearings or use pinned bearing if...
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    Question about Pre-mix.

    I'm running premix in my 95 Sportster 40:1 and still have the oil tube to from the oil tank to the rotary valve at the bottom of the crankcase. The engine appears to smoke quite a bit. I'm wondering if the oil for the rotary valve is also being burned since the crankcase is used to feed the...
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    Any reason to update?

    Are there any benefits to updating my Jet boat from a carrier bearing in the drive shaft to the Carbon/Stainless disc? I know that I will have to replace the drive shaft with a later shaft with the groove for the o-ring. I know that with the carbon disc I won't be able to run it on the hose...
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    Missing Rubber Bumper

    Removed the jet pump today to replace the carrier bearing. Notice that there was only a rubber bumper on the jet pump side of the drive shaft. The PTO side of the drive shaft didn't have a rubber bumper. Looked inside the PTO and didn't see any rubber bumper. Am I suppose to have 2 rubber...
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    Carrier Bearing ?

    How much slop is acceptable in the drive shaft carrier bearing? I'm having problem with my 1995 Seadoo Sportster. The engine runs fine and I can get the boat up on plane, but after 10-15 minutes of riding, the engine bay begins to fill with water. I turn the bilge pump on and it is able to...
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    Will Hydroturf for a 94-95 Speedster fit a 95 Sportster?

    The hull looks the same, but no where is a hydroturf kit listed for a 95 Sportster. Wondering if I could just use a Speedster kit on my Sportster.
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    Went to de-winterized by 1995 Seadoo Sportster.

    When I went to start the engine, the engine turned a couple of turns and then it locked up. I removed the plugs and spun the engine on the starter. The engine spun freely, but it puke up a lot of OIL. I look at the oil tank and the oil that I had in the oil tank last fall was all gone...
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    Just purchased a 1995 Seadoo Sportster.

    The previous owner(s) converted it from oil injection to pre mix. I think their conversion was just placing some decals on the hull indicating not to add oil into the oil tank but mix oil with gas. As far as I can tell the oil injection system is intact, in fact the low oil light comes on when...