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  1. wfo speedracer

    Magic ezy 9 second chip fix

    First off I am in no way associated or affiliated with this company, this is just something I ran across and thought it would be helpful to some members here. As most of you already know Spectrum custom color is no longer stocking the patch kits, this left quite an open void to fill in the...
  2. wfo speedracer

    Now the owner of a 2005 RXP and a GTX sc

    Got a phone call today, guy wanted to get rid of both of them and keep his trailer, RXP runs, I will be riding it tomorrow, GTX has an electrical issue , he thinks the battery got loose and grounde out, I have an MPEM and an ECU here for that model, both machine sans trailer $700.00 ...
  3. wfo speedracer

    Shop rant Seadoo reliability

    I am going to go off script for a minute here , I keep hearing how Seadoos are not reliable and everyone keeps preaching Yamaha reliability. I don't know where these guys are getting their info at. Every damn POS yamaha that comes in here needs a motor job, either an oil line has hopped off...
  4. wfo speedracer

    Torx racing questions

    I was looking for a replacement ECM for a 2005 4tec the other day and ran across this place. They offer a service that reprograms ECU's. I am just wondering if anyone here has used them before and what the results were. Apparently they can remap and Seimens ECU to go in what ever ski you...
  5. wfo speedracer

    Connely neoprene life jackets $39.99

    I am not selling these I just happened upon the link and thought I would pass it along..
  6. wfo speedracer

    Seadoo life jackets

    I was looking for a new life jacket for my birthday when I ran across this , Seadoo has a life jacket they call the force, it is neoprene and side entry like my Jet Pilot jackets, just what I was looking for , I really wasn't able to find a Jet Pilot in my size . That's when I ran across this ...
  7. wfo speedracer

    How to rebuild your lanyard ( Alabama style)

    I posted this over on PWCT a few years back, I figure this is more suited to this site so here it is again, if you have already seen it don't worry , this is for those that ain't ! First the secret ingredient, yep its weedeater line, damn near indestructible. I am using .105 diameter line, you...
  8. wfo speedracer

    restore ?

    I see some wood in there, wood is good right ?
  9. wfo speedracer

    Memorial day is customer appreciation day !

    So far I have had two calls at 8:00 AM this morning, thanks for the wakeup guys, not sure I could have ever woken up on my own.:thumbsup: So in appreciation to all you nice customers who have decided that hey just because I have been working 12 hours a day seven days a week for the last month...
  10. wfo speedracer

    Going old school

    This is a hull swap I completed yesterday, I thought a few here might get a kick out of it, welcome to 1992 folks, it's all show and no go, bone stock SP 587 engine . This replaced an SP that had been badly damaged and badly repaired, the hull had started to separate where it was repaired at...
  11. wfo speedracer

    Pressure Operated Performance trim system, POPS for short.

    I have been playing this one pretty close to the vest and will continue to do so till it is finalized , I make no claims that I have invented this device, I was sent one of the original products to test some 25 years ago and remember enough of the details of the construction to build a working...
  12. wfo speedracer

    Seadoo Tee shirt discussion

    Here is the deal, when I moved the business to the Wetumpka AL. location we had a guy working in part of the building screen printing tee shirts, here was here a year and a half and never payed any rent, one day we come in and he is gone along with all the equipment he could load up in a 6 hr...
  13. wfo speedracer

    BRP reman 657 non Xmotor crankshaft for sale

    It's just as it came from BRP, in a BRP bag and it will ship out in a BRP protective box, these typically go for around $435.00 plus shipping charges both ways and a core charge. This one is $370.00 shipped , no core is needed or wanted, it fits 94-95 regular engines it will not fit an 657X motor.
  14. wfo speedracer

    White Brothers -Rossier Get kit 93 Seadoo XP

    First the good, this is a White Brothers Get Kit from back in the day for a 93 XP, it has a Rossier head with 38cc domes, two brand new Ocean Pro vortex flame arrestors, a jet kit that includes needle and seats, high and low speed jets, popoff springs, a Mikuni carb tuning manual and a dual carb...
  15. wfo speedracer

    Seadoo fuel line kits now available !

    For several years here a few of us have been answering the same Seadoo fuel related questions over and over, such as how many feet of fuel line does it take to replace Seadoo fuel lines, what kind of fuel line should I use, what kind of clamps do I need and how many. So I have been thinking...
  16. wfo speedracer

    Hello Seadoo riders !

    A few of the members here will recognize me from PWC today, Minnetonka4me, Matt Braley, Spim the rest well maybe you will get to know me lol.