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  1. jforest

    FOR SALE Garage cleanout - 97 GTX and 99 GTX Limited parts

    Its time to get these parts out of my garage. I have these all laid out in my garage so I can send pictures upon request. -Carb pop-off pump gauge - $30 Make me an offer: -97 and 99 small storage compartments (under handle bars). Stickers are in good condition, just need cleaned -787 Flame...
  2. jforest

    99 GTX Info gauge not working

    I sold someone an info gauge I had from a 99 GTX part out. When he received it, he said it does not work. Before I pulled it, everything seemed to work fine. I plan to have him send it back to me and I'll refund what he paid. I pulled it last year and I've had it in storage since then. My...
  3. jforest

    WTB: 98 GSX Limited Info Gauge w/ VTS

    I have a co-worker looking for a info gauge for a 98 GSX Limited. The part number is 278 001 258. Let me know if you have one and what you'd like to get for it. Thanks, Joe
  4. jforest

    98 GSX Limited VTS Leak

    Just finished putting a replacement 951 engine in my co-workers GSX-L. Got it up and running then took it to the lake just to find I was leaking water out of the VTS motor box. Since my GTXs don't have VTS, I'm not real familiar with it but it I would guess there a seal that probably went...
  5. jforest

    What would you charge for a 951?

    I have a 99 GTX I bought to part out. It has a 951 that I'm planning on selling to my co-worker. I did a compression test and got 120psi/135psi on the cylinders. First of all, is that too much of a difference between the cylinders? My main question is what would you charge for the engine...
  6. jforest

    FOR SALE Parting out 97 and 98 GTX

    97 and 99 GTX Parts Send me all offers! Looking to move this stuff out of the garage/attic! Parts from a 97 GTX and a 99 GTX. I can provide any additional pictures of a certain part on request. Trailer and hulls are sold Prices do not include shipping except if noted. 97 GTX Parts: -787...
  7. jforest

    Looks like a UMI Handlebar setup, worth picking up?

    I'm going down to a shop to pick up some parts for my GTX this weekend. Looking at the other pictures in the ad, it looks like there is an XP with an UMI steering setup. Is this something worth picking up while I'm there? Also, what would be a good price?
  8. jforest

    WTB: 96/97 Seadoo GTX rear seat

    I'm looking for a rear seat for my GTX. I'd prefer something local to Charlotte, NC so I don't have to pay for shipping but let me know what you have. Shipping zipcode: 28278 Thanks!
  9. jforest

    WTB: 96/97 GTX rear seat

    Coming back from a lake trip the other night, I lost my rear seat on my 97 GTX. If you have one you'd like to sell, please send me what you'd like to get for it shipped to 28278. Thanks, Joe
  10. jforest

    WTB: 98 GSX Ignition Coil and Rave Valve Springs

    I need an ignition coil and rave valve springs for a 98 GSX with a 951 engine. Please PM what you have and a shipped price to 28278. Thanks, Joe
  11. jforest

    98 GSX Limited

    One of the guys I work with is looking to buy a jet ski. I've been telling him to buy a Seadoo. He found this one and wants me to go look at it with him on Friday. It looks like it was well taken care of. Anything I should be looking for...
  12. jforest

    Let's talk safety

    I was thinking today that I have not come across a thread that was dedicated to safety while riding out on the water. I know you can take the Boater's Safety Course but not everyone has. There have been a lot of threads with new Seadoo owners. I wanted to start a thread that suggests safety...
  13. jforest

    Fuel Sender repair but bad reading

    I'm in the process of rebuilding my GTXs as some of you have seen on my RESTO page. I was getting an open circuit reading on my fuel sender so I opened it up and repaired the F1 Fuse as everyone does. When I put my meter on it, I'm reading 133 ohms with the magnet on bottom (Empty) and getting...
  14. jforest

    RESTO 96 and 97 GTX Build

    Hey guys, I've been around this forum since early last year when I purchased my 96 GTX. I got it with a single trailer and an engine needing a top end repair for $450. Ended up replacing pretty much everything mechanical. It ran great on the water last summer but unfortunately the lake time was...
  15. jforest

    WTB - 96-97 GTX Seats and Gauge Cover

    I'm looking for the front and rear seats for a GTX. The seat covers don't need to be perfect, I'm just looking for something with good foam. I'm also looking for the a gauge cover for the hood. Let me know if you have anything. Please provide a price shipped to 28278. Thanks, Joe
  16. jforest

    97 GTX 787 - Engine replacement

    Hey guys, I'm considering purchasing an engine from SES to replace the one that came in the 97 GTX I picked up last weekend. The current engine is seized as the pistons look to be rusted to the jugs. I haven't pulled it yet to look in the crank case but the previous owner told me that the ski...
  17. jforest

    Hi-Temp Warning, no start

    I tried to put my 96 GTX in the lake yesterday. When I hooked up the lanyard, I got the normal 2 beeps but when I hit the start button I got a beep and a hi-temp warning on the info gauge. I checked across the sensor and was not reading any resistance on the multimeter. Is there anything...
  18. jforest

    Ignition Coil Ohm Reading

    I took the ski to the lake today and got it idling in the water. When I increased the throttle, the engine died. After getting home and doing some searching, I came across some people testing their ignition coils for this. So I did. I did the test on the spark plug wires for the secondary...
  19. jforest

    Need help with carbs on 96 GTX

    I have a 96 GTX with a 787. I've pretty much rebuilt everything from the engine to the jet pump, including the carbs. The carbs will pump fuel and both of them pop off around 26-27 PSI. It seems as if the carbs will not let fuel past the needle when I have them on and trying to crank it. When I...
  20. jforest

    Starter going bad?

    I rebuilt the 787 in my 1996 GTX last month. I have been trying to get it running but when I try cranking it, it will crank on the first try of a freshly charged battery as long as I hold the start button. Once I release the start button and try a 2nd time, I might get lucky that it will turn...