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  1. MLars

    97 GTX can't get over 5k rpm

    Let me preface this by saying when we launched the ski, the exhaust hose had come off and leaked lots of water (up to the carbs) into the hull. I saw air bubbles rising from the oil filter, but didn't think much of it because that should be sealed. After we got the water out of the hull I drove...
  2. MLars

    97 Speedster clicks but doesn't start

    Hey guys, that time of year to get the boats going for summer. Unfortunately I'm running into some problems with my 97 speedster. With the battery connected all accessories and gauges work, except when I try to start it I get nothing. No beeps, but when I push the start button I get a faint...
  3. MLars

    Oil pump AND throttle sticking?

    Finally got the boat out of the garage after this long cruel winter! Unfortunately my simple task of replacing filters turned into something much larger. The throttle of one engine sticks when it's pushed more than 75%, but anything less than that and it returns just fine. Also, the oil pump...
  4. MLars

    RESTO 97 Speedster cold, long winter resto project

    Hi guys, as many of you know (with me constantly pestering you with lots of questions) I just recently picked up my second Seadoo!! I had been looking at this one for quite a while, and saw it in person multiple times too. This was a friend's boat that had been sitting in his yard since 2008...
  5. MLars

    Draining Oil Tank

    I've searched and have found nothing about actually removing the plug on the bottom of the tank. I bought a cheap siphon from the local hardware store and it never worked and started leaking so I returned it. Is there a way I can just pull the hose off the bottom of the tank? Or is there a way I...
  6. MLars

    97 Speedster Questions

    Hi guys, most likely picking up a 97 Speedster for real cheap from a friend soon and just have a few questions about it. 1. I know I'm beating a dead horse here, but which oil should I use in the 717s; semi-synth or mineral oil? 2. The glass is in great condition but the plastic is really...
  7. MLars

    WTT: 97 GTX plus cash for jet boat

    Hi guys, I have a 97 GTX that I would like to trade for a 15' Seadoo boat. Preferably a twin engine, but will consider all offers. Can add cash on my end. It is in immaculate condition, has 170 hrs and gets into the low 50mph range (gps verified). Pulls tubes, wakeboards, and skiers. Just...
  8. MLars

    97 GTX rave housing not fitting correctly

    Hey guys, decided to clean my raves today while on vacation. The one towards the back of the ski went on perfectly, but the front one does not get tight enough to squeeze the gasket. If I hold the housing down and put the bolts in they won't screw down all the way. If I leave the housing loose I...
  9. MLars

    Wanted: Seadoo Ski Holder

    I think this came out around 2001, but I want it mainly because it will fit my hull style. If anyone is looking to get rid of it I'd be happy to pay around $30 for one, or just make me an offer. Anyways here is a picture of it.
  10. MLars

    Getting colder in NE, winterization questions

    Hey guys, almost time to winterize my 787 GTX. Just have a couple questions: 1. When changing pump oil, all I need to put it back on is a new o-ring and blue loc tite for the 3 bolts right? Or is it better to put some sealant on the o-ring? 2. For antifreeze, should I do a 50/50 mix or...
  11. MLars

    Need someone near Wakefield nh

    My jetski has been having problems with the exhaust hoses overheating and causing smoke in the engine compartment. Would like someone near Wakefield to come service my jetski. I could drive to you if you're reasonably close (within 45min to 1hr). I'm on vacation right now and would like to get...
  12. MLars

    97 gtx exhaust valve disassembly

    I got the cap off the valve, but how do I get access to the bellow? do I have to unscrew the thing when I first take the cap off? Do I need to remove the whole valve from the water box?
  13. MLars

    97 gtx runs good except for white smoke

    This is the second time this has happened. Both times it was after I filled up with fuel when I took the jetski out of the water. I let the jetski idle for about five minutes, and gave it some gas to get back to my dock. I pulled the engine cover off and white smoke puffed out. I was only...
  14. MLars

    Pictures of throttle adjustment screw

    Does anyone have any pictures of it. My mechanic tried to show me where it was, but I just couldn't see it. He said it was a T handle that could be adjusted by hand. Just wondering invade I need to adjust it at the lake tomorrow. Thanks!
  15. MLars

    97 GTX cavitation issues

    As some of you know, I took my new-to-me jet ski out for the first time last Saturday. It ran really good until (I think this is the problem) and exhaust hose popped and wouldn't let the ski run above 2500 rpm without bogging. Anyways, while it was running good I noticed some cavitation. With me...
  16. MLars

    Revs to 3500 then dies

    So as some of you know, I took my 97 gtx out today for the first time. It ran great all day until now. I was running it fine, and then turned it off to switch drivers. I started it back up and now it will rev to 3500 fine and after I give it more throttle the exhaust becomes extremely loud and...
  17. MLars

    Help! Going to lake today, what's this tube?

    This tube is connected to the battery tray and feels like it should plug into something at the end: It goes all the way to the front and exits the ski right here:
  18. MLars

    Trailer plug broke help!

    A prong on my trailer harness broke off so I bought another 4 prong harness. The new harness has 4 wires and the old one (which has 4 prongs) has 5 wires. From my understanding, a 4 wire harness is as follows: White - ground Brown - brake lights Green - right turn signal Yellow- left turn signal...
  19. MLars

    97 GTX "Fix it" Thread

    A few weeks ago I bought a 97 gtx in running condition with some electrical problems. The beeper was dead and no gauges were working. Here are some pictures from the day I bought it. You can't tell but the impeller and wear ring are in great shape: No grey fuel lines, already replaced...
  20. MLars

    97 GTX buzzer/ beeper driving me crazy!!!

    My buzzer was bad on my Seadoo so I ordered a replacement. When I first installed it (before putting it in the handlebar pad, just plugging it in) it wouldn't work. I waited a few minutes, plugged my key in and it instantly gave me a startling loud 2 beeps. I unplugged it a few times and plugged...