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  1. scooper77515

    96 XP with good engine, good mpem, bad coil, for sale. $500 in Yuma, AZ.

    Someone go pick it up, please. Dad blew up the coil, and doesn't know how to work on it. We are selling it from Yuma, and it will need to be picked up there. Pictures and descriptions throughout my threads, and check out my photos. PM me if you are interested and I can get directions...
  2. scooper77515

    What to use to prevent galvanic corrosion (electrolysis) between al and stainless?

    Boats tend to use stainless bolts in aluminum holes, and over time, they create a voltage and slowly "weld" themselves together. What is good to use as a lube/separator/insulator between the two materials to keep this corrosion from seizing up your bolts? Most boat people say NO to...
  3. scooper77515

    What's a dead 96 XP worth in Arizona/CA area?

    I gave it to my dad, he tried to swap out a coil or something, and crossed a wire, and now it is dead. Still lots of good parts, or maybe just new coils, and it is good for 58 mph on the GPS in 2-3 seconds. Anyway, it is just sitting in their garage in Yuma, collecting dust. I would like to...
  4. scooper77515

    Anybody else see this today?

    Me, at Ellington Airforce base. It flew over my work several times, did turn arounds, then flew over various houston monuments and landmarks, and I missed them all. So I snuck off work early to see it on the ground. I could have gotten closer, with the rest of the crowd, but to get to...
  5. scooper77515

    How much grease do you put in your hubs?

    When you do a hub overhaul on your trailer, how much grease do you typically use? This is for use with dust caps, not bearing buddies. If you use a different amount with bearing buddies and wish to share, post in thread, please.
  6. scooper77515

    Bearing buddies keep popping off!

    I have lost 4 in the past 6 trips. Short trips, like 5-8 miles each. Last time, I bought a new one, and actually tack WELDED them on. Took it yesterday to get gas, and today, on the way into the water, it is gone AGAIN!!! :( I went ahead and launched, and will again tomorrow, then I am buying...
  7. scooper77515

    Cannot Reply to Thread...anyone else having problems?

    Apparently, I can Create New Topic, but I cannot reply to any threads. Anyone else having any issues? I am using linux, but never had a problem before. No problems on any other websites, either.
  8. scooper77515

    Going nugget hunting in Arizona desert. Any hints, tricks, or tips?

    We will be staying a couple days in Santa Fe, then 3 or 4 days in Flagstaff and surrounding areas, and then 3-4 days in Yuma and surrounding areas. Have an entry level metal detector, good for maybe up to a foot of depth. Have a small pickaxe, shovels, and lots of elbow grease...
  9. scooper77515

    Since our lake is empty, I decided to buy a metal detector...

    I am afraid this might become addictive...:drool5:
  10. scooper77515

    Here is what the drought in Texas looks like...

    Here is our lake, and the trees on the way home from work. Normally, our leaves don't change color until Halloween or after, but this year, they started to brown around June. Not green to orange, to red, to brown, but just green to brown. The limbs fall off soon after, and most, if not all...
  11. scooper77515

    Hey guys! Whassup?

    I have been out on our lake exactly TWO times this year. This drought has the lake 6' lower than average, and there is a LOT of beach, and a LOT of junk exposed. Have to pull boat off of trailer by hand, push it by hand out past the no-wake zone. Some of this is knee or calf deep, then...
  12. scooper77515

    What is pitch on stock impeller, 2008 Challenger 180 SE?

    And what pitch change would make it go a couple mph faster?
  13. scooper77515

    Are there any reputable shops in Parker, Yuma, Riverside area?

    My dad took the XP out to Yuma, and my brother has a Merc powered Challenger, and I need to find a reputable shop for them to get their maintenance done at. Stuff like wear rings, impellers, etc. Any "good words" on any shops in those areas? Or, any STAY AWAY places?
  14. scooper77515

    Is stuff not selling on here?

    I am pretty much out of the seadoo business...sold my Challenger, gave my dad my XP (actually, he guilted me into giving it to him....) So I am trying to sell off all my tools and extra parts. Seems like nobody is interested. Is this common for this forum? I have never tried to sell...
  15. scooper77515

    Impeller removal tool for sale. The one that fits the 96 XP, 97 Challenger, etc.

    $15 plus shipping. Brand new, used once (I think?). Looks like new. I should give it to my dad with the XP, but he would never do any work on it.
  16. scooper77515

    For Sale...bag full of 787 RAVE parts. See picture.

    $100 (plus shipping) for a baggie full of RAVE valves and related parts. All parts are usable and undamaged, except for one valve, with bunged up threads and very small nick in blade (likely easily cleaned up, damage can be seen in picture on valve in middle). Some parts are new, some are...
  17. scooper77515

    Aluminum Ski pylon for sale, 97 Challenger and others.

    This is the stock aluminum retractable ski pylon from a 97 Challenger, but would likely fit many other models, as well. The pin that holds the top has been removed, and I used the pole as a model to build a stainless model for my boat. So a pin would have to be installed or the top secured...
  18. scooper77515

    Pop-off tester for sale.

    Homemade, never used. Sold boat before I had a chance. $15 plus shipping. Just to cover cost of materials. Not trying to make a profit, but hate to see it sitting idle in my garage.
  19. scooper77515

    Haven't posted anything in a is what I have been up to!

    I haven't posted anything but jokes for a long time. And pictures of Bald Eagles. I had such good luck with Hydroturf on my old Seadoo boat that I ripped out the carpet in my Glastron and use Hydroturf in it instead. After I took this picture, the wife went out to inspect the finished...
  20. scooper77515

    Finally got a chance to put hydroturf on new boat!!!

    Before and after pictures attached. We just did the swim platform today, because that requires designing the template from scratch. The rest will be easier...just pull the carpet out and lay it on the hydroturf, and cut it out. We will also do a couple pieces on the sides where you step onto...