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  1. SeptemberC

    Islandia Ladder 4 step HELP

    Has anyone replaced their 3 step ladder with a 4 step ladder? If so, HELP ME! Where did you get it? I have my 3 step off of my Islandia now and I have dimensions. . . I need help locating one. The OD of ladder tubing is 12.5" the ID of the tubing is 10.25" (these measurements are at the bolt...
  2. SeptemberC

    TPI / TPS new opened package OEM Quicksilver Mercury Throttle Position Indicator 8M6005165Supersedes part #83295211 (TPI) / #83295212 (TPI) /

    Thanks to Ryoo I made the trek back into my parts box for my Islandia. I ran across many parts that we bought when we were trying to diagnose my engine problem (which turned out to be a broken/missing reed valve). I have this available if anyone needs one. Looks like they are selling for...
  3. SeptemberC

    Seadoo Islandia front Bimini side front curtains bow filler custom cushion to make sun pad / bed?

    Has anyone attempted to make a cushion for the bow (pool area) so that you can turn that area into a sun pad / bed? My idea is to use the table hole for a center support and also support on each side (somehow).
  4. SeptemberC

    Pictures of the Mercury M2 pump intake grate area HELP

    Does anyone happen to have a picture of the underside of their boat where the intake grate goes (while the grate is removed)? I know it's a weird question/request. . .Dr Honda is looking for one for me too.
  5. SeptemberC

    In search of Bimini Canopy parts canvas Seadoo Islandia

    I’d really like to have a full enclosure, a double Bimini at the least. If anyone starts to part one out please let me know. Also I’m looking for opinions.... we are going to spring for hydro turf this year. I’m attaching 3 color samples we have narrowed it down to. What do you see as pro...
  6. SeptemberC

    Muffler assy 878147A03 Has anyone ever seen what's inside of these mufflers?

    I'm just curious if anyone has ever seen what's inside of these and if anyone has ever experienced a failure of one.
  7. SeptemberC

    240 EFI running rich AND low speed control actuator does not work HELP!

    330ish hours on engine Compression on all cylinders is in 115-120 range. Throttle Position sensor - replaced Port & Starboard head temp sensors - replaced mechanical fuel pump - rebuilt Fuel/water seperator filter - replaced Low speed control actuator - replaced All coils have been...
  8. SeptemberC

    Seadoo / BRP Hamlin Low Speed Control Sensor Ass'y. 204470631 Throttle Assist

    Mine has stopped working and I have spent the last 3 weeks finding a replacement. Seadoo / BRP has discontinued them (of course) Part number replacement for Seadoo / BRP 204470631 Low Speed Control Sensor Ass'y Mouser Electronics P/N 93459065-1-S-02-A $4.10 (8.4mm sensitivity) your choice...
  9. SeptemberC

    2013 gti se 155

    Starter turns over (sounds a little sluggish) but it won't start/run. Tried it a couple of times. Then it started and ran normal all day. Went to start it again... same issue. But then it started. Rode it 30 mins back to the dock. It wouldn't start again. Weak battery or starter relay?
  10. SeptemberC

    Rinda Techmate Pro

    Does anyone have one of these that for a large deposit from me you would let me borrow it?
  11. SeptemberC

    Islandia Mercury Sportjet 240 EFI Gen 2 HELP needed running rough 5800 rpm WOT

    Islandia Mercury Sportjet 240 EFI Gen 2 HELP needed I am starting a new thread for this even though I originally requested help for this issue in my other LONG thread. HISTORY: Wednesday June 7th I had my Islandia tied up to my cousins boat. We both started up our engine to move the boats...
  12. SeptemberC

    HELP - 2012 GTI SE 155 Maintenance light WHY ME?

    My family and I arrived at Norris Lake (La Follette, TN) today. We ran the GTI around for an hour or so playing around....and then went down river about 20 mins to the Marina to eat dinner. While we're we're there (an hour a half) we decided to go ahead and fill it up with gas. Shortly after...
  13. SeptemberC

    Actively attempting to remove wear ring - HELP NEEDED!

    Steering cable bolt broke. Does anyone know what size SS bolt it is? YES I've been using PB Blaster for 2 weeks.
  14. SeptemberC

    2004 Seadoo Islandia 240EFI 4 beeps?

    While idling near the dock today my hubby got an alarm of 4 short beeps. Then he turned the engine off. We floated around for a while then took off again. After slowing down and idling again we got the 4 beeps again. . . I have searched all evening for what 4 beeps might be a warning for. I...
  15. SeptemberC

    240EFI ISLANDIA Fuel economy question

    This will be my first summer with the Islandia. Although I'm still working on "fine tuning" the engine performance (need to verify correct timing) I was curious if anyone had ever really paid attention to when you got the best fuel economy. The reason I ask is 2 things.... We will be going on...
  16. SeptemberC

    Registering Sea Doo Islandia with the coast guard?

    I'm considering registering with the coast guard so I don't have to put numbers on it. Has anyone gone through this process?
  17. SeptemberC

    Throwing away your Islandia cover?

    Throwing away your Islandia cover? Replacement Cover trailerable for sale If anyone has an old Poppy/Vacuhold Islandia cover that they are ready to trash let me know. I have an idea for a bow cover & 2nd windshield but I need a donor cover to start with.
  18. SeptemberC

    1" Stainless steel tubing - Does anyone have 1 foot that they could spare?

    I need 2 pieces of 1"od SS tubing 6" long. The only thing I can find online is 6' piece and shipping is so expensive that it makes it stupid.
  19. SeptemberC

    Factory Islandia Rear seat supports 204610749 sun deck mounts

    Update: May 2020- I still have several of these left. I believe that I have found replacement seat mounts. I had to order several of them in order to get set up as a buyer/dealer. I don’t want to try and invent some other way to fix mine. As soon as they come in and I verify that they work...
  20. SeptemberC

    Tongue jack help 2001 Seadoo Islandia

    I just had to get another trailer. I think I need about a 12" drop tongue jack. I don't want to have to crank it 100 times to get it to raise an inch (lol) Not sure I need a wheel on the front. I like the jack to swivel but it's not mandatory. Can someone provide me with some suggestions?