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    93+94 xp oem seat cover

    New out of box couple dirt spots from storage but should clean right up pm if intrested.
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    44mm novi maxflo A booster seadoo 787

    New butterflys base gaskets studs nuts fresh rebuild kits Including intake manifold. Needs new n/s and jetting to your specs. $650 shipped to the conus.
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    Anyone tried this

    New Glass 2 - Fiberglass Cleaner & Wipe On Shine Restorer - Lasts Over 12 Months - 2 Easy Steps - Complete Kit - Clean Surface and Wipe on the Shine - Make Your Boat, RV or Yacht Shine Like New - No Buffing, No Compounding, No Rubbing, No Polishing and No Waxing. Clean Surface and Wipe on the...
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    The rebirth of the RXX

    Starting in on my RXX. It will not sit another summer! Sent from my SM-G900V using Tapatalk
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    97 spx major cleanup

    I picked up the 97 on our ride a few weeks back for $350. It needs a god buff seat cover mats and a normal going through since the po says it won't run. The engine has never been opened up. Compression is good rear ebox has seen water. I'm going to attempt to get started on it this week...
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    Ever seen this?
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    2 hx's

    Picked up a pair of 1996 HX's one may run, the other one needs at a minimum a top end. Sbt crank Sent from my VS985 4G using Tapatalk
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    off topic someone is trying to log my accnt

    anyone else get notification about this
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    Jet dynamics intake grate for x4 hull

    65 obo shipped
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    Does anyone else besides snapon sell the terminal tool

    Does anyone else besides snapon sell the terminal tool
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    Hello my name is Robert and I'm a Sea-Dooaholic

    Picked up another 95 xp 800 today the one that was posted in the fl classifieds thread. so it appears that one of the butterflies on the carbs is slightly bent. cylinders are still stock bore and in fair shape anyone think I can get away with just a hone so now to the good part. I had a...
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    RESTO 95 XP 800 resto/mod

    Man I should have paid better attn. when I picked this thing up! Someone decided that it needs more drain holes Never seen anyone use this on an exhaust before To bad these nice oem pistons are rusted to the rods they looked new
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    Any idea what this impeller fits

    Solas sa cd 15/21
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    For you tree hugger types...">Post</a> by <a href="">El Circo</a>.</div></div>
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    What brand of crank would you put in a 951 rebuild

    I am almost certain I will use wiesco pistons not sure on the crank
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    Pros and cons of big boring a 951 any input would be helpful

    Since the life of the 951 in an RXX is so short I have been thinking about going big-bore this winter with either 1020 or maybe 1050 cc. What would be my biggest concerns in doing so? I know it would consume more fuel, would I be able to rejett the mikuni carbs or would I have to go after...
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    Saw smoke after re attaching ground wire

    Was riding today ski died unresponsive loaded it up went home found the ground to the mpem came off put a new ring connector on it reconnect battery put key on it beeped twice see smoke from wiring harness I did move the location or where it was grounded to further up on the mag housing
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    A few questions

    Ok so I have a 2001 RXX. I have owned it for a little over a month. The p/o either had the top end redone or did it himself not really sure the compression is 120 both sides. From what he said he broke it in the spring and parked it. I did test it before purchase it was a little sluggish so I...
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    Skat-Trak twin drive impeller

    Anyone have any experience with this
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    RAVE valves replace or have reground

    They are in a 2001 RXX any advice is much appreciated