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    no oil pressure 2008 gtx 215

    Check oil pressure sensor. If you had zero pressure the oil would not be getting to the head. Odds are the sensor went bad.
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    Error Code P0202

    Injector 2 error code. Check plug on injector 2. See if any corrosion and on securely if does not clear check pins on ecu for corrosion
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    GTX 260 IS LIMITED engine problem

    With information given no definitive answer can be given. The engine should be checked over. Check oil level. If oil level is ok remove air intake and feel inside supercharger to see if it is lose or you can turn by hand. If that is ok check compression. compression and while engine is turning...
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    got a tune and nothing happened.. am i getting screwed?

    I have done tunes and truly the only skies I have seen actually get something out of the tune when ski was stock were 60hp sparks and 300 models. There is an old saying when it comes to performance. To do one thing you have to do five others. Company should have told you though however Riva says...
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    2009 Seadoo 255 RXT is IBR Failure

    Parts are not sold for the IBR. Only the whole unit is sold. However I do have good electronics from a 2009 IBR. The internal plastic screw shaft broke on the unit
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    SUPER CHARGER rebuild help

    Is the wheel flush with the body when you tightened it?
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    GTI 90 only 30 mph

    I asked about hours and if broken in yet because of what skiasylum said. Some models restrict the ski during break in period. While I know you want to ride do not touch the ski yourself and let dealer handle. Not worth voiding they warranty.
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    2014 GTI 130 IBR Issue

    Check battery. Battery going bad is cause of most IBR problems. While battery may seem good and start ski with no problems it could be loosing power to mess up the IBR.
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    2012 GTX 260 Limited

    200 hours are on new kits. Not original 2012 kit. Right now those bearings are 8 years old. I would rebuild. Consider as well this is more expensive to do on an IS ski because of extra labor to remove the top. Personally to me the price is high but for some reason this year people think their...
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    Wrong piston rings?

    99.96 is standard. I am sure not fully compressed as it would be when piston installed when you measured.
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    GTI 90 only 30 mph

    How many hours? Was break in period completed?
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    Please delete

    Please delete.
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    Are all 4 tech exhaust manifolds the same?

    Wanted to know if anyone knew if all 4 tech exhaust manifolds were the same from 2002-2015? Just rebuilt a 2014 RXPX with spare parts. Redid a new engine and I had so many exhaust manifolds laying around I put one on (I thought all were the same) yet the ski is building up water into exhaust...
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    2008 RXT electrical issues

    I regularly work on Sea Doo's but electrical is my weak point. Just picked up a 2008 RXT with 82 hours because the ski will not start. When attaching the dess key the gauges light up but then go blank with only showing direction in the bottom middle. even hours will not show. I only see the 82...
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    Athena base maps.

    Brian also just sent me all the base maps as well. Good luck with installing them. I have been playing with it for a while now. Let me know if you actually get them loaded and how. If you cannot get Riva then send me a pm with your email. I will send to you.
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    Hey guys any help would be appreciated!!

    Who ever had the ski before you had the ecu tuned then removed the performance parts but left the ecu in. The ecu is tuned differently for fuel then your ski is set up for. As you can see I put up a post on how to put maps into s Riva Athena ECU. I also got the ecu from someone else who was...
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    Anyone here familiar with the Riva Athena ECU and how to load maps

    I have the Athena ECU for a 2014 RXPX. Riva has given me all the maps and I have played with this thing over and over and cannot figure out how to put them into the ECU with the Maya program. When I open device no maps show yet when I click on a map they show. If I hit down load I get the...
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    Anyone know how to Map a Riva Athena ECU?

    Looking for someone who knows how to tune a Riva Athena ECU for a 2014 RXPX Only mods done to ski are power filter, intake manifold upgrade, solace impeller I see the base maps are no longer available from Riva.
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    Looking to buy a 2000 Sea-Doo GTX 800cc! Thoughts?

    Just looking T this one you know it was taken care of. 2004 seadoo gtx superchager
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    Looking to buy a 2000 Sea-Doo GTX 800cc! Thoughts?

    How is it for you buying a ski on US side with bring it back and titling it? I did a search on your CL and surrounding areas and found a few good deals but most are on US side.