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    What to pull off this 96 gsx?

    I have a spare 96 gsx. The po is dragging his feet on the title. I'm ready to just give up and strip it. It isn't stolen, but I need the space. Obviously, engine, mpem, pump, and hood. I really don't have the room for a ton of parts. If it were you, what would you pull and save?
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    2000 gtx Millennium Edition

    Ok, you guys know by now I don't pay more then 250.00 for a ski. With that said, I just picked up another ski. It's a 2000 gtx with the silver 951. Completely foreign to me. Issues : Broken rod. Verified by moving crank with screwdriver in pto cylinder. It didn't move. Stopped at that point...
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    Most wasted mpem

    This happened today. What the hell? I've tested the mag. Ohmed out at 0.02. Puts out 45 volts ac. New voltage reg. Battery was fully charged and showed proper charging at idle and 5500 rpm. Just a bad mpem? I've been blowing the 5 amp fuse, but it has been random. It'll run for an...
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    My new adventure

    Well, I just sold the speedster :cheers:! Now, or I should say, I have a 96 xp AND a 96 gxs! I picked them both up for a grand total of 500.00. Yep, 250.00 each. Titled and all mine! Now, I have been duking it out with another guy here in Houston for the cheap skis. They are all over...
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    Stator needs to be plugged in to start? 96xp

    Is it just my ski or is it the nature of this model? I have a new to me 96xp. I was checking all connections, putting dielectric grease in places it needs to be, priming the oil lines. When I went to start it to prime, nothing. The dess was clean, battery charged, all fuses good. Only...
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    What's a R&D ride plate

    Just picked up 3 skis today. 2 are 96. 1 is 97. 96 xp all yellow with the R&D plate and some other impeller. 1 96 gsx.....plain Jane. 1 97 gsx, all cut up now. Clue me in on the R&D plate please.
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    657x stator confusion

    I have a 94 speedster with the 657x twin engines. Both engines have the 5 wire stator. I somehow locked up one of the engines. This engine is now out of the boat and the crankshaft is locked up solid. I have a good 95 657x engine to drop in out of a 95 gtx. It has the 4 wire stator. Am...
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    RESTO $60.00 1994 gtx

    I liked the jet boat so much, I had to buy it. Found this ski on craigslist. It had a clean title and hadn't seen water since 2004. I reached in and grabbed the pto and spun the engine. It had great compression, and didn't grind when spun around. That sold me. This is what it looked like...
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    1994 speedster 657x fuel return line

    I decided to pull the carbs on the port side engine and clean them out. It stalled out on me and i have never cleaned this side. I noticed that the return line on the pto carb is non functional. this does not seem right, and i need some one with a spare carb to verify. The 90* elbow will not...
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    1994 SeaDoo speedster revival build

    Hi there from Houston! I bought this boat in July. It hasn't run at all this season due to some wiring issues, bad mpem and bad stator. It has twin 657x rotax units. The port side engine has been replaced with a sbt engine, rebuilt carbs and now a new stator. Compression is good at 153 and...
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    1994 speedster pulse line 657x

    I was checking out the engines in my new boat before it's initial start up and noticed that the pulse lines were sourced from different locations. The port engine, 657x, is sourced from a bung carb side, pto end. The starboard engine, 657x, is sourced from the carb side, but the bung is by...
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    Hello from Houston

    I just bought a 94 speedster. It needs a lot of tlc. Mostly just elbow grease and a few odds and ends. The mpem is toast. I plan on converting it to the dual mpem setup. I will post a build thread with pictures detailing what's needed and where and what wires to hook up on the 1994 speedster...