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    Oil warning 09 Challenger 180 255HP

    Good Info, please keep us posted after riding it on the water again.. thank you
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    07 challenger 180 drive shaft removal issue

    wait, i just did this on my boat (not fun at all since i was not able to get the C clam exposed and removed since it was corroded.. so i cut it in 2 pieces the suppert ring) my biggest concerned is.... i removed the bearing that is closed to the PTO and NO oil was spilled. in fact this is my...
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    ICS (Weed removal system) on 2005 Challenger 180 SC

    i am so tired of researching a solution for this, i have a New to me seadoo challenger 2007 SE and i took it out3 times and all 3 times i get something in the pump. i wonder if its the time of the year becuase i dont have this issue with the RXPX. i want to try Smart tabs that should keep the...
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    2007 seadoo Challenger 180 seaweed issues

    Hello guys, just a general question for those that owns Jet Boats and are or had this issue. looking around, reading different forums and watching all the youtube videos related to this matter, I can not find the solution or may be noone has asked the question and came back to the forum and...
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    FOR SALE 2008 challenger 180 carpet

    where are you located? and howmuch you want for it?