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    2000 challenger 2000 FS- TX

    I have a very nice 20' challenger here. Engine was rebuilt by prior owner less than 100 hours ago. All new interior in 2010 - including new oem rear seat assembly. bought some nice new 2005 seat bottoms for the captains chairs - real nice all around - has original bimini. New Poppy custom...
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    Help with oem seat parts!

    Been looking, ordering, getting calls telling me "not made anymore" even got a new superseding number on the part from riva and it was then out of production after another followup call post order... challenger 2000, year 2000. need oem front buckets bottom seat cushions/covers. Does...
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    bucket seats

    Hi Anyone know what is newest year boat that had the preformed metallic silver seats (my boat is 2000 challenger 2000) for the driver & passenger buckets. I am looking to buy new from seadoo and the 2000 year models are discontinued - was hoping a later year seat cushion bottom of the same...
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    Merc oil blocker plate - 2 to choose - which one??

    Hi Was just to dealer to pick up blocker plate to remove oil injection for 210 merc jetdrive The blocker they had is about 5 1/2 inches long - looks like you have to take out driven shaft before inserting - has o ring then we found another in the computer that looks more like the right...
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    Help with fuel float

    Hi I ordered a new float and installed it. I get no fuel level readings. BUT when float moves all the way to bottom of tube I get the constant alarm for low fuel. I have since read some troubleshooting directions that mention 4 magnets. My float has only 2. Please tell me they make...
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    best way to add temp guage to merc 210

    Hi, Thanks for the previous help guys. I would really like to add a temp guage to my 2000 challenger 2000. It has a newly rebuilt engine and I want to keep it in tip top shape by being able to monitor any temp problems. What is the best sending unit & guage and whre/how should I...
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    Question about 852972T alum inlet grate

    Question about 852962T alum inlet grate Hi I ordered a new grate to replace hydrosurge as recomm on this board. I just received it from the box says quicksilver parts. But the actual part is stamped c C not T. The overall finish is like a rough texture Black...
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    Fuel float for 2000 challenger 2000

    Thanks for the help guys. I took out fuel tube cause fuel always says empty Bottom filter piece was off of tube and at bottom of tank I managed to get that back and it is ok shape. M but can't find float at all. M where can I order a new float quick? I can't find it at online...
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    2000 challenger 2000

    Can someone tell me where the screw on fuel filter is supposed to be located. I can only locate an inline filter on this rebuilt engine and am wondering if they didn't install one. Thanks Andy
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    2000 challenger merc 210 carb oil premix anyone?

    Hi everyone, I have tries to find info on going premix on my 2000 challenger 2000 I just bought. Low hours on rebuilt merc m2 jetdrive 210hp carved. Oil injection works at this time. What is best method to convert to premix on this engine? Does the oil pump deliver oil to the engine...