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  1. etemplet

    Trim trouble

    You are gonna bring the ski to a shop? That's gonna be expensive. No one in my area really works on those skis and I am leary of shops because it seems today they just want to change parts. Gauges are expensive to repair. So you are embarking along and expensive road if you are paying to have...
  2. etemplet

    New Engine still issues

    I check compression and the rotary valve timing. Also take ohm readings on the sensor the procedure is in the manual. Could be the coil.
  3. etemplet

    Starting issues

    Are you sure this is a RFI?
  4. etemplet

    Thank you to this forum

    Now that's cool. A picture is worth 1000 words.
  5. etemplet

    In So Deep I'm Drowning With The Skis Still On The Trailer

    I promise I'll read the short version. LOL Good LUck
  6. etemplet

    2000 seadoo GTX RFI

    Off hand seems like a fuel issue. You need to check your fuel pressure.
  7. etemplet

    Sea doo hull filling full of water while running on hose...

    Are you sure that the water lines on the back of the engine are connected properly. There is a water line at the BOTTOM of the exhaust manifold. You may have a leak on the mid pipe but even so copious amounts of water should flow out of the rear of the ski. Also, don't run the ski on the hose...
  8. etemplet

    2000 seadoo GTX RFI

    Check for spark FIRST, no spark no run. :) Make sure your connections to the coil are good. Unplug the harness from the mag end and take a look at it. Check battery voltage to make sure battery is fully charged. Check battery voltage while the ski is cranking. Are you giving the ski just a...
  9. etemplet

    2000 seadoo GTX RFI

    I ran premix for the initial break-in on my first injected ski which was a RFI. My concern was the low oil supply at idle provided by the injection system. I still have a concern but I don't pre-mix now, I called the Fuel Injector Man that does all my injector work and he told me premix would...
  10. etemplet

    2000 seadoo GTX RFI

    Is the red light fuel or oil? Are you getting a beep?
  11. etemplet

    2000 GTX Millenium Edition

    Nice ski !! Pretty typical of a ski that has not been run in a while if that is the case. Are the Spark Plugs new. Do a compression check and all the preventive maintenace stuff. Give it some love it might treat you right. :) A few people in my area love Seafoam. I've never really used it...
  12. etemplet

    How would you attempt to get this broken temp sensor out of the head?

    I just threw a complete engine away that SES told me would probably come apart. HA !!! It was a RFI too but that thing was crusted solid . I wouldn't wish that on anyone. When I buy a ski the one of the checks is that I loosen a couple of head bolts. :)
  13. etemplet

    96 XP instant shut off like lanyard pulled

    Good Stuff !! Touchdown !!! I had a DESS post with the proper plug on it for a quick change out under the good. I use it for a quick test. I lent it out to a guy that thought he was having DESS post issues and I said, when the ski give you trouble, plug this one it. That's the last I"ve...
  14. etemplet

    How would you attempt to get this broken temp sensor out of the head?

    Yep broken head bolt could turn the job into a BIGGIE realy quick. Those look like they'll come out though but ya never know. Agreed once you open it up, the gasket surfaces need attention and replacement is always a good idea. No surprises is the desired outcome. I think I'd drill it. :) I...
  15. etemplet

    My2001 GTX RFI will only turn over while one spark plug is in...???

    Great news. I didn't get ma lithium battery just a regular one. So funny. I had this battery 18" X 10" probably about 10" high connected to my little brand new 12volt AGM $100 battery through some pretty good jumper cables and Click.... urrrrrrmph. NOTHING !! I kept trying to figure out what...
  16. etemplet


    I tell ya... you just never know about the bottom end until you have a closer look. Glad you checked that and found it !!
  17. etemplet


    I even dug in th trash for your bro... I was looking for something else but what the hey. LOL Didn't find them. Glad you got some help !! Rock On !!
  18. etemplet

    1994 XP - engine rebuild - barely runs

    Yes that pulse line can't tolerate any leaks. When I want to test the pump, not often thankfully I bet a clear hose put it in fuel connect it to the carb.... then I get another clear clean hose and connect it to the pulse fitting on the carb. Yup... let my mouth be the pulse line. If fuel...
  19. etemplet

    96 XP instant shut off like lanyard pulled

    They can be tricky for sure. Check that coil. I had the strangest problem on my 96 XP.
  20. etemplet

    2001 GTX Di TPS advice

    Good News !! The process looked like a real pain in the butt. How was it in reality. Did you have to adjust anythung prior or after? or did you just replace the sensors? I think the maintenance signal needs to be cleared by writing in a new date and having it upload. That's what I had to...