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    Please delete.
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    Are all 4 tech exhaust manifolds the same?

    Wanted to know if anyone knew if all 4 tech exhaust manifolds were the same from 2002-2015? Just rebuilt a 2014 RXPX with spare parts. Redid a new engine and I had so many exhaust manifolds laying around I put one on (I thought all were the same) yet the ski is building up water into exhaust...
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    2008 RXT electrical issues

    I regularly work on Sea Doo's but electrical is my weak point. Just picked up a 2008 RXT with 82 hours because the ski will not start. When attaching the dess key the gauges light up but then go blank with only showing direction in the bottom middle. even hours will not show. I only see the 82...
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    Anyone here familiar with the Riva Athena ECU and how to load maps

    I have the Athena ECU for a 2014 RXPX. Riva has given me all the maps and I have played with this thing over and over and cannot figure out how to put them into the ECU with the Maya program. When I open device no maps show yet when I click on a map they show. If I hit down load I get the...
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    Anyone know how to Map a Riva Athena ECU?

    Looking for someone who knows how to tune a Riva Athena ECU for a 2014 RXPX Only mods done to ski are power filter, intake manifold upgrade, solace impeller I see the base maps are no longer available from Riva.
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    2014 RXPX lose of RPM's

    I want to see what some of the experts here think. I know how to work on ski's and 9 out of 10 times I can figure out and fix problems but also know when to ask others. I recently purchased a 2014 RXPX for half price because it was not starting. I looked the ski over and it was getting fuel and...
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    RXT 260 not going over 6500 rpm 53mph. Exhaust???

    Picked up a 2010 RXT 260 IS that had the super blow out. Engine was still good but would need to be cleaned out of tiny fragments and oil pumps replaced. I already had a good engine and 260 supercharger with 10 hours on it since rebuild. I decided since I had everything out of the ski and a...
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    1998 Sea Doo Speedster carb settings

    Can someone tell me the settings for a 1998 Sea Foo Speedster? High and low with pop off pressure? I have searched everywhere and cannot find it. Thanks
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    IBR keeps locking up

    Installed an IBR unit in a ski and it keeps locking up. Either going to high or too low. I have to keep opening the unit up to free it. I tried it at the top, bottom, and middle. Does the same thing each time. Any ideas?
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    Is there way to start, test an IS model without the top on?

    Working on an IS model ski that has zero electrical power. The ski is dead right now. Had power but a lot of error codes all associated with low voltage. Positive connector to battery was completely corroded and broke off. Cut the wire down and added a new tip. Also cleaned the fuse box for...
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    Just installed engine. Would not start. Rocker arms broke..

    I have been a 2 stroke buy until last year. Still learning these 4 tecs. While I have learned a lot over the past year. Can fix many things on them and install the engine now with my eyes closed, this is the first time I had to do the timing on one. I installed an engine today but first time I...
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    Does oil leak if drive shaft is not in?

    I have always been a two stroke guy and know them well. Now I have moved up to working on 4 tecs and did first engine install. Only problem is every time I put oil in the engine it leaks right out. Cannot figure out why. Took the engine out. Checked things again and all oil leaked out again. I...
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    Engine swap and supercharger question

    I just did an engine swap and relised I have a serious question. I took a complete drop in engine from a 2003 GTX 185 and put it into a 2004 RXP 215. Swap was successful and I started the engine for a second but that is it. I just remembered now that the gear on a 185 supercharger and a 215...
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    DI RPM Issues

    Have a 2003 GTX DI with RPM issues. The ski ran fine until a friend used it and thought he was some professional racer.. Ski had a full tank of gas and he killed it in an hour. Since then the RPM's jump all over the place. They will go from 4000 to 15oo to 2500 to 6000 back to 2000 etc... I...
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    Adonis Impellers

    Is anyone familiar with Adonis Impellers? This is a new company and SBT is carrying them. Was wondering how they compare to Solas and if they are performance impellers or just an aftermarket replacement with no difference to OEM impellers..
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    Just bought a 2000 Challenger 2000. Should I keep it? Want advice on the boat.

    Before I begin I do work on Sea Doo's but I am use to the 2 stroke and 4 tec engines. Not the Merc engine. I bought a 1997 Challenger 1800 that is my winter project. The interior was just destroyed in the 97 so bad that it is really not even salvageable. Even all the padding is just destroyed...
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    Using the J pipe Exhaust on a 260 model

    I have a 260 Sea Doo. Was putting in a performance exhaust I got out of another ski, however it will only work using the J Pipe. I know the J pipe will fit on the exhaust manifold of a 260 but I know Sea Doo left the J pipe already. Is there a reason for leaving the J pipe with the higher HP...
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    My Sea Doo FINALLY went over 100 MPH today!!!!!!!

    I always wanted a Sea Doo that would go over 100 MPH and today I finally pulled it off. My Sea Doo has officially gone over 100 mph... Unfortunately it was still on the trailer and being pulled by my car. But it did go over 100 mph...
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    Dealing with a Ski that has sunk.... Advice....

    2011 RXT 260 IS has sunk. Was in the water for about 2 hours. Front end out of water. Once taken out of the water it was immediately taken to Sea Doo. This is not my ski so I cannot confirm just what Sea Doo did. The bill was high enough owner claimed insurance and collected. From what I am...
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    Does a 2009 RXT 255 IS have an internal or external intercooler?

    Curious if someone knows if the 2009 RXT 255 IS had an external or internal intercooler? Recently picked one up. Has stickers for performance on the unit but I took it as stock. As you know on this ski there is not a whole lot to see engine wise unless I remove the entire top. I did notice an...