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    1st time carb cleaning - on 787

    No other suggestions? I'm kind of left with break the bolts then drill & rethread. Where do y'all suggest getting rebuild kits from? I've heard good and bad about SBT ones.
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    1st time carb cleaning - on 787

    Got a 5mm bit and tried it on the manual impact screwdriver, no luck. Thinking I should go with a battery/air impact. Thoughts or suggestions?
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    1st time carb cleaning - on 787

    Any suggestions on removing stuck air intake/flame arrester bolts. I've already managed to break 1 off. The shop manual suggest using a heat gun on the base, won't that melt the plastic around these? I have a manual impact screwdriver but not a 5mm bit. Would that work? Just tried using a hammer...
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    1st time carb cleaning - on 787

    I am about to embark on my 1st carb cleaning due to a possible clogged low speed passage. I have read many post on here and have experience cleaning small engine carbs (weedeaters up to 4-wheelers). The only problem is in the past I have completely torn down carbs and rebuilt them. From what I...
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    Seadoo GTX 2003 SC help

    To do this you will need a CanDoo pro (,14) They run about $400 and are well worth it.
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    What did I break?

    There's your answer. The battery has died. Be sure to replace it with a quality one. No walmart! Look for the mfg date stamped or printed on the side or top of the new one and get the newest possible. Use dielectric on the connections.
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    What did I break?

    I would still just check the battery voltage when cranking or pull it and have it load tested at a auto store. Batteries can take a dump just all the sudden and cause all sorts of weird problems. Also check the connections from the battery, on the selinoid, and to the engine ground & starter...
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    Bought by first Seadoo 4 stoke, need information

    One question, does sselzer need to be concerned about the valve failure issue with the 04-05 models? Background info: there was an issue within those years with the valve stems breaking off (suspected corrosion) and dropping the valve in the engine.
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    Port engine chokes up on transition from low to full throttle

    Well I finally got time to pull the RAVES, loving having the ski as a backup, and they definitely needed cleaning. I will be pulling the starboard ones too. What all do I need to replace on them? Just the gasket or complete rebuild kit? The baffles and o-rings appear to be flexible and in good...
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    Will this cause Cavitation? Pump Vein Damage

    Check that pump seal, I see some wet in pic 2. If you have a leaking pump seal you will seize it and have no choice but to replace.
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    2 stroke oil?

    This is what I use on my 787s with RAVEs
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    2003 GTX Supercharged OPAS question

    No issues with mine leaking either. I did however have the hose that feeds the OPAS system come off the pump. After finding that I figured the filter for it may be clogged. I read on here the OPAS can cost you speed if it does not lift, I decided to disable it using 3/4" pvc spacers to keep the...
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    first ?

    The "MAINT" flashing is telling you that the maintenance timer has expired and not been reset by your dealer ($30-50). Its the same thing as the oil timer on your car reminding you its time to change your oil. If you change it yourself then you will always have "MAINT" show up when first...
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    PWC Launch/Ramp Etiquette

    One quick note on etiquette, leave space for yourself and others to maneuver. Last week a guy pulled up behind me in the prep area as I was getting ready to launch. I had no way to know he was back there because he pulled up as I was closing my door. Luckily my wife was watching and I did not...
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    broken ladder latch

    You may have already tried this, but try driving it out of the way with a punch, bolt, or something the same diameter as the new rivet. If that fails just use a drill bit the same diameter as the new rivet and drill the hole in the old rivet. As long as the new rivet is long enough to mushroom...
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    Port engine chokes up on transition from low to full throttle

    I am having a issue with my port engine on my speedster. It chokes up on transition from low to full throttle. I pulled the choke to check for lean condition but made it worse. If I back off it continues choking for a few. If I just throw the throttle from low to full it gets past the choking...
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    Seadoo Rx Di 2001

    On mine the MAINT means the maintenance timer has expired. This is used to remind you to take it to the dealer so they can change the oil and reset the timer with their sea-doo computer. I change my own oil instead of getting ripped off a the dealer, so my MAINT is always on. It should go away a...
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    2003 4 tec supercharger question

    All of these sea-doo SCs have washers. The washers are the "clutch" in the system for sudden engine speed changes. Other systems use dump gates to release the extra boost provided during sudden changes. Ceramic/metal, either one, the general consensous is to rebuild completely every 100 hrs...
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    Running light not working on trailer - replace entire light or can I replace bulb?

    Go led, you will not regret it. I got my marker leds at academy and my bar on ebay. I took the chance to completely rewire. I will be doing the tail/turn this off season since its too early to say the "w" word as noted in other post around the site.
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    2003 4 tec supercharger question

    Let's do some math here: I've got the '03 GTX SC I bought last season with 120 hrs on it. The first thing I asked the seller was about the SC and he said it had not been rebuilt. Within the week I pulled the SC, sent it out for rebuild, and remounted it. I was not about to risk an SC failure =...