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    Fuel filter question

    I installed all new fuel lines on my 1994 seadoo last weekend. I haven't installed the fuel filter yet. My seadoo has a duel carbs on it. My question is do i need 2 fuel filters installed for both carbs, or just the one on the long line?
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    Fuel filter question.

    On my 1994 spx seadoo, there is a gas filter in the upper housing. Can i replace that with a better one from the auto parts store, or do I have to use theres?
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    Changing oil lines.

    I'm going to replace the fuel hoses this weekend on my 1994 spx. Should i replace the oil lines as well, and if i should, what do i change them out with? I bought 25 feet of 1/4 black rubber hose for 1.29 a foot. Ill be removing the gas tank and oil tank to clean them out since the have sat...
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    What are these hoses for

    Since i'm replacing the gas lines this weekend with new ones, should i replace these lines that hook up in the back of the jet ski? Since the motor is torn apart right now and has been before i got it, those lines are dirty and nasty looking. What are they for? If its not gas or oil( and i...
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    Question on check valves

    I noticed in getting ready to replace the lines, that there are check valves in the fuel line. Is this needed and what purpose does it serve? Is it ok to use the old one? Any idea on where to get a new one if it does need to be new?
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    Question on electrical box

    I noticed that on my fuse box or electrical box(I think that is what you call it) that the top 2 on the right hand side are open, nothing hooked to it. the 2 below are hooked up. Is it like that for a reason or am i missing something? Is it ok to find a cap to close those off. I would...
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    Has anyone used this before.

    Im looking around for new fuel lines for my 1994 Seadoo SPX 657. Locally the only thing i can find is the black rubber hoses for 1.29 at Orilies. But i did find this on line and was wondering if anyone has used it before. its sold by Parts Reloaded. I can get 50 ft of it for the a bit less in...
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    1994 SPX Fuel and oil help

    I have a 1994 seadoo spx 657. It's been sitting a log time. I going to install a new motor and am replacing lots of stuff. I'm wanting to know how to remove the fuel tank and oil tank to clean them out. Also what size hoses would i replace he lines with? Any information on a fuel filter as...
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    1994 Fuel lines questions.

    Does anyone know what size hoses a 1994 seadoo spx uses for fuel lines? Im getting ready to replace the motor and rebuild the carbs, and am thinking i should replace the hoses to start fresh. If you know what size i will need and about how much of it i would need, that would be fantastic...
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    Rebuild carbs question

    I have a 1994 Seadoo SPX with a 657 motor. Im going to put in a fresh rebuilt motor and am not sure what carb kit or what kind of carbs it has. I know it has the duel carbs. How will i know if it has a Mikuni Carburetor or Keihin Carburetor? Thanks
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    657 motor parts for sale.

    I have a 657 motor out of a 1994 seadoo spx. The pistons are bad in it and im told the shaft is possibly bad. I bought a new one to put in the ski, so i don't need this one. I will sell off pieces of it or the entire thing. Let me know what you want. It will be the motor only, no pipes...
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    Question on tire size on a trailer.

    I have a nice single seadoo trailer with size 4.80-12 WITH 5 LUG WHITE RIMS. I was wondering if i can change those tires to nicer ones that will be better?
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    Anyone in the overland Park Kansas Area

    Looking to meet people who know things about where to jet ski, good places to take them for repair. Let me know. Thanks
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    Looking for help in Kansas Overland Park area

    Im new to jet skis. I bought a 1994 Seadoo SPX with a trailer for 300. Its in great shape. It needs a new motor installed. The motor that was in it, was taken apart from the people that i got it from. Im wanting to meet someone local that has worked on these that i can learn from.Im going to get...
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    Looking for a good motor for a 1994 Seadoo Bombardier.

    Looking for a running 1994 SPX motor to put into my seadoo bombardier. Motor type 657. Let me know what you have and a price. Please no junk or ones with issues.
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    Need some information

    I have a running 1992 Seadoo bomardier SP 650 motor type 587, and a non running 1994 Seadoo bombardier SPX motor type 657. My question is, can the motor from the 1992 go into the 1994 model? Any info would help