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  1. DSchmidt54

    97 GSX full overhaul - at a loss

    Ok guys , i thought i knew my stuff when it came to 787 carb'd skis, but i guess not, recently ( and by recently i mean over the last month) i have rebuilt my buddy's 97 GSX 787. Im talkin the ski had a waterlocked trashed block, water filled rear ebox, and cracked hull. We got a new shell ...
  2. DSchmidt54

    787 and 97 GSX Parts!

    Alright, so today my buddy and I picked up a used GSX hull from Florida....and it is spotless...... the PO parts out seadoos and does a terrible job at it... so we will have a few extra parts when we are done transplanting the stuff from his broken hull to the new one.... so I figured i would...
  3. DSchmidt54

    Seadoo GT No Spark, Good Fuses, What next?

    Hey guys, my buddy has a 91 GT with a clean has sat for a while but the ski looks good and has good compression.... it turns over , but there is no spark coming from either plug ..... we checked fuses.... they are good....any ideas? I don't know if this thing even has a rectifier...
  4. DSchmidt54

    97 GSX to 96XP - Can it be done??

    Ok, so my buddy has a 97 GSX 787 carbureted, and i literally just rebuilt the entire driveline on the ski with a whole new Short block and new seals , lines, etc. And we get it out for the first time and the damn thing has a very badly patched crack on the left front side of the hull, and it...
  5. DSchmidt54

    Stainless Wear Ring?

    Hey Guys, just talked to my local mechanic about getting a new wear ring.... mine is good (.035) clearance.... but it has some small grooves that make me uneasy.... well he told me he can order me a stainless wear ring for 70 bucks that will work on my 1996 GTX..... So my question... Are...
  6. DSchmidt54

    WTB 96 GTX Speed Sensor CHEAP!

    Looking for a speed sensor for a 96 seadoo GTX .... preferrably cheap.... or willing to trade a R&D aquavein grate for it.
  7. DSchmidt54

    There are good people out there.....

    So Wednesday I went with a buddy to look at 97 XP 800 for his girlfriend.... the guy was selling it and a 94 Waverunner III on a double trailer for 1200 (for the pair!) we thought for sure there was something wrong with them.... nope. real stand up guy, let me do a compression check on both ...
  8. DSchmidt54

    Anybody else Fly a Flag?

    This may be me going out on a limb... but does anyone else fly a flag behind their ski? I usually do at major boating events like the Sandusky Bay Barge party and when i go out on the weekends.. i just think it looks cool!
  9. DSchmidt54

    My 96 Build!

    Alright guys so to be blatantly honest... I'm sitting in my dorm trying to burn time until i can go home (tomorrow) and start dewinterizing my ski (and maybe go out for a quick test run). So I figured I would make a tread on my entire rebuild of my 336 Hour 1996 Used and abused GTX. Day One...
  10. DSchmidt54

    97 GSX Mpem failure?

    Hey guys , i guess its time to dust off them diagnosers and get ready for the 2013 riding season! Well to do just that, i am helping a buddy repair a derelict GSX that his grandpa gave him for "electrical issues" basically , with a fresh battery and clean battery connections, this thing wont...
  11. DSchmidt54

    Hood Painting?

    Anybody ever paint a gtx hood? i have one that got scratched to hell, so i hit it with black and lime green........i now regret that decision and wanna do it right.....i know i gotta sand it all the way down........but does anybody know where i can get paint to match the oem metallic green? and...
  12. DSchmidt54

    no clamp 787 winterization

    Hey guys, i winterized my 787 carb'd GTX a few weeks ago and didnt clamp the engine drain hose, i just let the antifreeze build up and pour out the exhaust, my questions is , will i be safe with that? or do i absolutly have to clamp that hose? I figured as long as i mad contact with the water in...
  13. DSchmidt54

    Anybody Got a 96 GTX INFO GAUGE?

    I couldnt care less about the hours , i just replaced the polarizer film in mine and i guess i sealed it up badly , it now only displays half of every digit, if anyone has one that they wouldnt mine unloading for cheap (maybe high hours) i would really appreciate it , ive got so much money in...
  14. DSchmidt54

    Any NEED FOR SPEED Lovers our there?

    Hey guys , im petitioning to have EA games remake one of the best games of my "childhood" if you have played Need for Speed Underground , or Underground 2 you know its a totally awesome game. well , with the current direction that EA is heading , i beieve they are loosing touch with what made...
  15. DSchmidt54

    Fail. Rave Fail.

    So i was wondering why i had a micro mist of oil accumulating on my exhaust header on my 787, the thing ran like a champ so i wasnt really concerned and i figured it was because i had it tuned rich (i figure it will last longer that way) well while reading a how to on tuning raves i noticed they...
  16. DSchmidt54

    Trading Opportunity , NEED ADVICE XP or GTX?

    Ok guys , i have my 96 gtx........and i put it up on craigslist for spits and giggles...........and a guy wants to trade a 96 xp heres what he sent me, i mean, i really want an xp i wanna join the x4 cult, but ive already got everything done on my GTX , so what do you guys...
  17. DSchmidt54

    For Sale - GTI RFi , LE guardian cover , never used.

    I have a cover for a Seadoo GTI RFI/LE from Guardian covers. I havent used it because i have a GTX, the previous owner included it with the ski........he was kindof an idiot lol. im asking 50 bucks plus shipping for it , or trade for a GTX cover . Thanks guys
  18. DSchmidt54

    ERmaGERD! NNOO!! :o :o :o :o :o :o :o :o :o :o :o :o :o :o :o :o :o :o :o :o :o :o :o
  19. DSchmidt54

    Thank You ! (consider yourself included)

    I just wanted to thank everyone here on the forum , over the last few months i have had a hell of a time getting my molested/abused GTX to run right and after all that work, it finally runs , and like a CHAMP! i figured out why it was bogging before and fixed the problem. Before , we didnt...
  20. DSchmidt54

    Anyone interested in Trading for a 96 GTX ?

    Im looking for a GSX or an XP preferribly, My GTX has everything done to it , and i am looking for a ski that is pretty much the same mechanically. This ski has a freshly broken in Block , and a warranty until August Next year, i just want something that is more fun to jump and stuff.