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  1. Sink

    Seasonal start anxiety!

    Getting ready to fire up "Titan Uranus" for the first time this season. Is everyone nervous when they do this or am I alone? Hope everything goes well. Probably will wait another week or 2, just getting my nerves in line. Bike fired right off but it's a 4 cylinder 4 stroke. Tractor has been...
  2. Sink


    idropped my iphone yesterday... It ilanded on the icorner and iSHATTERED!!!! iCRAP! Why would a company design a phone with glass all the way to the iedge? You have to put an icover over the thing to protect it from idrops so why make it nice ilooking? Stupidest ithing EVAR!!!!! iSteve lives on...
  3. Sink

    New Toolbox!

    Today I purchased this new toolbox. WOW! What a great deal! I found a coupon for $169.99 but I've seen it for $149.99 before. Either way, it was a fantastic deal. This thing is built better than my Snappy toolbox! They used to have tons of these in stock but only get a few in from time to time...
  4. Sink

    Does oil go bad?

    We always put Stabil in our fuel for the winter.. I was wondering if 2 stroke oil ever goes bad? I have some old oil for my chainsaw/snoblower/trimmer/2 stroke toys from many years ago and was wondering if I should use it. If it doesn't go bad, why does gas and not oil? Any petroleum geeks...
  5. Sink

    RXP-X 260 article

    Boat test . com has a great write up and video on this amazing ski! 260
  6. Sink

    Show my your snow removal equipment!

    Since we cant go boating/jet skiing.... Dr Honda posted a picture of his snow removal "toy" on another thread. What does everyone else use to move snow. Here's mine. John Deere 425 with 48" 2 stage blower. I also have a blade for light snow.
  7. Sink

    Where was everyone?

    I'm still waiting here for everyone to show up for Christmas... What's going on? We had a great time without you all but it would have really been great with Sis and the rest of you. Being patient, Sink
  8. Sink

    Bad drive to school...

    This morning on the way to school my daughter and son had a little problem... Well, they didn't make it. The deer apparently didn't realize there wasn't a deer crossing sign and should have gone down the road a bit farther before crossing... Everyone is ok... Car isn't driveable. Hole in the...
  9. Sink

    What is everybody making for Thanksgiving?

    I'll be doing a cranberry walnut stuffing stuffed turkey breast with a creamy sage gravy, jalepeno mac and cheese, cranberry brie en croute with home made crustini, yeast rolls, green bean casserole, (an American tradition), pecan sweet potato bake, pumkin gooey butter cake and a german...
  10. Sink

    Multi use tools

    Do you use things to work on your Seadoo that were meant for something else? I use a turkey baster to winterize my boat and SeaDooLou brought up using the bulb from sucking a babies nose to fill the oil on the pump (which I use for battery maintanence). I also use hemostats to pinch hoses along...
  11. Sink

    River Inn Resort

    Going down to the river this next weekend to spend Sat night on the Missouri on a bed and breastfast riverboat! Should be a blast. Right outside of Brownville NE. River Inn is a very cool place to stay. Sit outside of your room in the evening and have cocktails and snacks and watch the river go...
  12. Sink

    One more ? on winterization

    With all this talk about winterization, I have one more question. I am going to the big game tonight in Omaha, NE. Omaha Burke (gf's nephew is #1 player on the team) vs Papillion. Does peppermint schnapps work better than my typical scotch or is there something that will work better??? Just...
  13. Sink

    In Memorium

    With all the sadness and trauma going on in the world at the moment, it is worth reflecting on the death of a very important person, which almost went unnoticed last week. Larry LaPrise, the man who wrote "The Hokey Pokey" died peacefully at age 93. The most traumatic part for his family was...
  14. Sink

    For you wooden boat lovers..

    This boat was restored by my friend's father ... What a beautiful boat! 1941 Cris Craft.
  15. Sink

    Party barge! OMG!!!!!

    This would be an awesome addition to the jet boat/ski!!!!! :lol: (linky)
  16. Sink

    DAMHIKT (Don't Ask Me How I Know This)

    This is a fun one.. and most people have at least one they can add... DAMHIKT, but if you pull a trailer and leave your Explorer in drive, you will probably burn up a transmission! or DAMHIKT, but if you are riding your motorcycle and you stop but don't put your foot down, your...
  17. Sink

    Cover support pole

    I have a 95 speedster with a factory cover. It's a little dirty but is in pretty good condition. My question is was there a support pole or something that held the cover up so it doesn't fill with water? Is there something else I could use? How does it stay in place in the boat and on the cover...
  18. Sink

    Sealing ride plate

    The more I look around, the more I think the ride plate could be what's going on with my speedster. It's not bad... but that cavitation is strange. There are also some scrapes completely around the wear ring on the side with the problem. Do you have to remove the ride plate to seal it or can you...
  19. Sink

    Searching this site

    Hi everyone, Just thought I would put up a post about searching to help the site members find information easier. There is so much stuff here it's sometimes overwhelming. In the upper right hand corner, there is a tab called "Quick Links". Click on this tab and then click on the advanced...
  20. Sink

    Painting gauge needles

    Has anyone taken their gauges apart to repaint the needles? Mine are faded almost white and are very hard to read. Not even sure where to start. The gauges seem to be working fine and I would hate to ruin them trying to make them better than they are. Or are they cheap to replace???