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    Starter solenoid?

    Hi i hace a 2000good seadoo gs i just had carbs rebuilt now tge seadoo wont start it beeps and juat clicks when i hit the stsrt button i found the clicking from this box what is in here besides battery cable's? Starter silinoid? Thanks
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    impellor replacement

    hi, i have a 2000 seadoo gs that i took into the dealer(Kawasaki/Yamaha dealer but they used to sell seadoos they still service them. they said i needed a carb rebuild and a battery ($500) then said they wanted to fix that before doing the impeller (they said it was chewed up) ($650) they...
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    top speed of a Seadoo GS.. (718cc 85hp)

    i am wondering the top speed of a 2000 seadoo gs i have one ive owned it for 4 years now its been my 1st and only ski. im only wondering top speed because when im at full speed on it it always feels faster than seeing it from shore. i am just wondering if anyone else has this bike and if so...
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    thought i had bad compression but dont.

    i have a 2000 GS (718cc) ive compression checked it with a rented tool from autozone. and got readings of 115/120psi however, i rented another one at another parts store and got these#s i guess the one from autozone was faulty. Lou doo, am i ready to hit the water once i rebuild carbs & fuel...
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    are these compression #s good?

    hi, i have a 2000 seadoo GS. i have a fuel delivery problem and a slight lean condition. and plan to rebuild the fuel system, rebuild carbs,replace grey fuel lines and replace the fuel slector switch. i first started out with a compression check and also took plugs out and spun flywheel by hand...
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    new compression readings

    hi Lou Doo and Dr. Honda. im sorry for all of the previous post. the low psi #s on those post were about 120/125. however, i rented another tester from another parts store and quick charged my battery (for 30 mins.) and this is what i came up with for compression. LouDoo i know you said your...
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    ole sugar (1995 Ford f150) & Red E 4 Water(2000 seadoo GS)

    my pullin rig, nothing special older truck and older ski, but here in Oklahoma we dont care what you drive if its pullin a boat or seadoo then its considered cool.
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    i have a 2000 seadoo gs 718cc that i have dones a compression check on (because ive been having to run it on reseve rather than on to make it go WOT it Would only idle on "on" poisition , the ski has unknown hrs but ive owned it for 4yrs and have put probably 100 hrs on it maybe a lil more. my ...
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    quick question for anyone who can answer. i have a 2000 seadoo gs 718cc. ive been having to run on reserve. but now it wont start turns over and cranks just wont start sounds like its not getting fuel yada yada long story....... that wasnt my question my question is if the flywheel turns freely...
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    Thanks Lou.

    Lou, I apprecite all the advice you've given me to this point (Very Helpful). I was just going to upday that i have yet to get a compression check reading on the 718cc GS model. however, i did manage to pull the back cover off of the (PTO or flywheel) and with the spark plugs out the PTO spun...
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    Seadoo wont start!

    hi, i have a 2000 seadoo gs 718cc (85hp) that ive been having to run on reserve instead of the on position. in order for it to go WOT i had it out about 3 weeks ago for 2 days ran fine the 1st day and fine the 2nd until the end of the day . it started cutting out and dying and restarting...
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    good places to get seadoo repairs done (southern oklahoma north texas)

    hi everyone, i am wondering where a good place to get seadoo repairs done would be i live 100 miles South of OKC and 100 miles north of Dallas. i am looking towards sherman powersports(north TX about 60 miles from home and they have good positive reviews) i was just wondering if anyone else has...
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    Anyone ever used Sherman powersports (Texas) for seadoo repairs?

    i am wanting reviews of sherman powersports (seadoo repair reviews) and are they good mechanics. i have a 2000 seadoo gs (718cc) that i need fixed i am needing fixed. new fuel lines,selector switch,carb rebuild and possibly a new new fuel sending unit. (basically a total rebuild of the fuel...
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    possibly a bad fuel selector switch? Help Please!

    Hi everyone, i am new on here i have a 2000 seadoo gs whitch ive owned for 4 summers now, its never given me a lick of trouble until this summer. as of this summer ive been having to run the seadoo with the fuel selector switch switched to "reserve" if i want it to go WOT (it will only idle...
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    fuel problem

    hello everyone, i am new to this forum. i am currently dealing with a problem. i own a 2000 seadoo gs 718cc(85hp) its never given me and issues over the past 4 years until as of this summer. i have been having to ride the seadoo with the fuel selector switch on "reserve", however it idles on the...