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  1. SPEED18

    Victoria b.c

    Just wondering how many of us are out here
  2. SPEED18

    97 xp down

    found two bolts rolling free one in the back one in the front. the motor itself was fairly easy to move. figue it must have been a moto mount. decided to take off the housing that gards the drive shaft(??). sure enough one was tight one verry loss and the other two in my hand. slapped them...
  3. SPEED18

    97 xp clynder head cover

    Was wondering if anyone could help me out? I went to install new spark plugs for the first time since buying it of a guy and was not able to get it back on straight noticed that it was pretty worn down and am worried that i may have gotten metal fibers down the spark plug holes. the trouble...
  4. SPEED18

    Faint double click

    Faint double click and no turn over 97 xp will not turnover. Had it out for a test run on thursday everything was fine untill i did a couple of 180's with it and had some water get into the front. Noticed the the seal had shunk about an inch. Let every thing dry out and tried it on friday and...
  5. SPEED18

    up to the hose

    hey guys i was just wondeing if there is a proper oder to running my 97 xp off the garden hose and how long can it run for. thanx
  6. SPEED18

    knowledgeable people in victoria bc

    looking for some one to enlight'en me on to why i cannot get my 97 xp up and running. sept long weekend is go'en to be the first time out this year but not sure if its going to be worth the trip without it.
  7. SPEED18

    low top speed ??

    i have '97 xp thats down to about 55 mph.. at peak performance its up to 70 mph top speed. the manual doesnt say too much about it except to either clean out the " jet pump water intake" because of it being clogged or to replace the impeller. just wonder'en what others have done in thhis...
  8. SPEED18

    ?? Start it up out of water??

    i was wondering if you can start up 97 xp out of water?? should i have it hooked up to a garden hose.?? how long can it be runen out of water for?? thanx
  9. SPEED18

    newbee here

    i just bought a 97 xp on may long weekend it was a blast. but since then its been in the back yard and i was wondering if you can start it up on dry land ( on trailer of course) before taken it out again??? plannen on taken it on a road trip and want to make sure i can get it started. is there...
  10. SPEED18

    victoria b.c

    just wonder'en if there are anyone on the island on this site
  11. SPEED18

    try'en to make up

    try'en to decide which one but not to sure what the best bang for the buck is
  12. SPEED18

    newbee here

    :confused::confused:i'm looken into pick'en up a toy for the summer and i'm try'en to find a write up or something that explains the diff btwn a speedster and a sportster. please help thanx :confused: ps is there anyone from victoria b.c canada in here?