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  1. brock1

    Good to be back!!!!

    Hey everyone, been a while since I have been on here! How is everyone doing and whats new on the water??
  2. brock1

    How has everyone been?

    Hey all..been away for a while..whats new with you guys??
  3. brock1

    couldnt help myself....This thing is badass!!!
  4. brock1

    Reman engines!!! Cheap and he does great work

    hey guys...long time no see..this guy is about a half hour from me in my hometown...check this out
  5. brock1

    fuel guage is acting wiered

    Hey guys its been a while since i started a thread so i figured i would ask for some help...Here it is...My 96 xp that i picked up at the beginning of the year had a bad duel guage..(not working at all) i naturally replaced the float and it cleared up and worked....But i noticed lately...
  6. brock1

    Michigan classifieds!!!

    WELL i figured every other state has a thread so why not have the cheap state of michigans deals posted too....Ill start with this one...pravius actually found this one so he gets the credit LOL
  7. brock1

    If this is legitimate its mine!!!! Goin tomorrow
  8. brock1

    Hey doc here is another utopia for ya

    seems like a good deal to me
  9. brock1

    should i grab this ....

    ok he says he will trade me my 96 xp what are your thought on this as far as money and time
  10. brock1

    Shave the rave??????

    So i went for a little cruise last night and was paying alot of attention on how my 96 xp was running ....It was really running crisp with good response but i couldnt help but notice the very noticable difference of when the raves open up as opposed to when they are not...and in doing this it...
  11. brock1

    Sooooo apparently dess keys dont float!!!!!

    Well i had another mishap on the bay and although i wasnt out there as long i think this one takes the cake......So last night my GF had a friend come up to visit from chicago...she had never been on a pwc before so we decided what better way to break her in than to take her on the bay.... I...
  12. brock1

    everytime i jump it BEEPS

    Ok so weired problem ive been having lately that i fixed the hesitation issue i thought id tackle this one.....its rreally weired but evry time i hit a wave and go in the air my beeper will make a faint beep beep beep beep beep really fast but faint......its so wiered it almost sounds...
  13. brock1

    -----need steering cable for 97 gsx------

    Well after the mishap with the xp lately i finally said to myself WHAT ELSE COULD GO WRONG!!!!! Then on friday the GF nd i went out on the bay (25mph winds) 6-8ft waves.....we go out about 2 miles and the wind wasw blowing AWAY from shore we get out there and the GSX steering locks up and she...
  14. brock1

    hesitation from idle to WOT...How to eliminate?

    Good morning everyone..... So a little background on this machine..I picked up a 96 xp with the 787 motor and when i got it it had a new motor from sbt but it had been SEVERLY neglected on every aspect.. I changed all the fuel lines...changed the fuel filter and oil filter, drained oil and...
  15. brock1

    Seriously considering getting these
  16. brock1

    i need some opinions on this purchase

    hi guys i just got done negotiating a deal with a guy on this jet ski....i can get just the ski for 125 but he has no paperwork for it.....just wondering if you guys can give your opinion on whether or not its worth the investment
  17. brock1

    bilge pump hookup

    good morning everyone....I was pondering the idea of a bilge pump in my xp..evrytime i go out on the bay and start hitting waves i end up filling the hull with quite a bit of while looking for a possible idea last night i stumbled upon the old bilge pump out of my 97 polaris...
  18. brock1

    anybody need a cover for a XP

    Hey guys i have a brand freakin new cover that i bought thinking it would fit on my 96 xp but for some reson it wont fit ..i think its actually for the ski's that dont have the mirrors since that seems to be the only thing getting in the way...if you want it PM me and we will talk price...its...
  19. brock1

    changing the lanyard without changing the key????

    Both of my lanyards are missing the plastic around them that makes them coil is there any way to just change the lanyard coil without changing the key??? I looked at it last night but it looks like a project so what have you guys done and how did you do it
  20. brock1

    List of mods for a 787

    hey guys i have been thinking about doing some serious mods on my xp...I thought it would be good to list any and all mods that you have done so others can see what you did and WHAT IT TOOK TO DO IT..such as rejetting for a pipe ETC... please list your mods and what changes you had to make to do...