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    Navigation Lights, new rules.

    I happen to be a member of the USCG Auxiliary, and as part of my duties I am a vessel examiner. I just received this directive, regarding navigation lights. I am posting this only as a point of information, as I know may of you have changed or added additional exterior lighting. Lou
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    National Talk Like a Pirate Day!!!!!!

    Arrr......, mark the date on ye calendar, Sat. Sept. 19th. be National Talk Like a Pirate Day. I be starting this thread off by a couple I heard from my we granddaughter. Where does a pirate have lunch? ARRbys...... What be a pirates favorite letter? Well ye might think it be the...
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    Gonna fire my mechanic.

    Well, we went to the lake yesterday, I was riding the 96GSX, my son was riding the 96GTI. We have a long no wake zone to get to the main lake. When we came out of the no wake zone, we both took off, I went around a bend in the lake and noticed Andrew was no longer behind me, I circled back, he...
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    Sometimes you get exactly what you paid for.

    I've been down the road with batteries, last year I bought a MagnaPower AGM from AutoZone, it lasted one season. So this year I decided to try another brand, so I purchased one on line from Advance. What a mistake, I went to the store I thought I ordered it from, turned out it was the wrong...
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    It's HOT............

    93 here today, this is weather like we usually get in July, we went to the lake yesterday and the water was warm enough to swim. I was just curious how the weather was every place else? Lou
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    Happy Thanksgiving, 2014.

    I just want to wish everyone on the Seadoo Forum, from our family to the Seadoo Forum family HAPPY THANKSGIVING. Lou
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    Look before you leap!!!!

    I had decided about a month ago that I need to replace the welch plugs on the exhaust pipe on my 96GSX. You may ask how did I determine this? Well I felt under the pipe and the lower welch plug felt rough. So Saturday after winterizing the ski I removed the pipe, and guess what? The repair...
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    How bout them CATS!

    UK 45, South Carolina 38. There was visor throwin tonight. Lou
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    Winterizing a 3.0L Mercruiser in the water.

    I'm not ready to winterize the boat just yet, but I'm trying to formulate a plan, because I know it's coming. I keep the boat at the lake on a lift under cover, and I'm trying to figure out a way to winterize it on the lift. BTW our lake never freezes, or at least it hasn't in the last 25...
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    USCG Auxiliary

    I'm seriously considering the local flotilla of the Coast Guard Auxiliary. I was wondering if there is anyone else who has joined and or have any experience with the Auxiliary. According to the local guys here they do a lot of the same stuff as the USCG, but no military action or law...
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    Mercruiser engine oil.

    I've been using Mercruiser 20W-40 full synthetic engine oil in my 3.0L (GM) mercruiser engine. Over the weekend I picked up supplies to winterize the boat, and the dealer informed me that mercury is no longer carrying the full synthetic oil, instead they are selling a 25W-40 synthetic blend...
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    Cruise Shuttle, FLL

    We are finalizing our cruise and I need some information. Last year we took a cruise shuttle from the Hotel to Port Everglades. They were big black buses with either an orange disk, maybe an orange. Anyway I can't find the name of the shuttle company. I was thinking maybe one of y'all in...
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    Type III inflatable PFD?

    I'm going to order two of these just to wear on the boat. But I noticed this particular model has manual inflation, which means you can blow it up without using a $20.00 cartridge. So my question is since it's a Type III can I wear it (inflated), while riding my Seadoo. It sure would be a lot...
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    Pop rivet size, 96GSX

    I need to replace the rt. side rub rail on my 96GSX, I have the rub rail thanks to Nick the problem I have is the pop rivets. The parts manual calls for 3/16 x .94 . We don't have a Pop Rivets are Us here in town so I ordered some from Amazon, I ordered 3/16" with 5/8" grip, I'm not sure these...
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    A wild ride, dumb, dumb, dumb.

    I wasn't going to post this, I feel like such an idiot, but then I thought this might serve as a valuable lesson to other members. I went to the lake Wed., by myself, first mistake. I went to work on the boat and to switch out the Seadoo's, we usually leave one at the lake. Well instead of...
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    Official/unofficial beer at your lake or location.

    We had a member who recently joined the forum: asked why are all the threads on the forum so serious and only about problems and bad news? So I decided to start this thread. It seems that here in Central KY the official/unofficial beer is Bud Light, we usually boat at Herrington Lake, but also...
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    What is the purpose of using a chain on an anchor?

    As many years as I've been boating I feel kinda dumb asking the question. But I've always used a 3-4' piece of chain on my anchors, a guy at the lake the other day asked why? I didn't have an answer except "because my Dad did". I guess it's to keep from chaffing the rope at the anchor end...
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    How-To, carbon seal service and replacement.

    Guys, I'm asking for your input(s) with words and pictures. For some reason we have seen a rash of carbon seal failures this summer. I'm not sure why. It occurred to me that we really need a "How-To" article on the subject. Personally I have never changed one, I've been lucky I guess. I do...
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    Correct propeller for a Mercruiser.

    I'm considering upgrading the prop. on my 2000 Bayliner Capri, it's 17.5' and has a Mercruiser 3.0 liter engine. The stock prop. is a Mercaury Marine Black Max 48-832832 A45 which is 14-1/4" diameter, 21 pitch. RH aluminum prop. I'm looking to upgrade to a stainless steel prop. and I am...
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    Windows Phone and Tapatalk

    I just got a Windows 8.1 phone, love the phone, the only problem I have I can't seem to connect to the forum using Tapatalk, it just sits there, says you are connecting to Tapatalk but never connects. Anyone else have this problem? Lou