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    FOR SALE Mint UMI 2 button holder

    $90 shipped. Bought it as old new stock and never mounted it.
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    X4 umi

    $400 shipped. Brand new bearings.
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    Factory Pipe Spec 2

    Factory Spec 2 with water strainer, solenoid and choice of ecwi. Price with micro touch (has 2 pins broken off but still works) $375 Price with MSD 4259 (brand new never used... might be the last brand new 4259 in existence) $500.
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    Bad trim gauge?

    So I had a known bad trim gauge (filled with water). I replaced it with one that looks like new but the trim gauge barely moves off the bottom. The VTS motor is in excellent condition with zero signs of water intrusion. The limit switches are still working in both direction. The magnet is still...
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    Single gauge hood boot

    Does anyone know where to find the boot for the gauges on a single gauge hood? Are only used ones available now?
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    NOS pistons

    Two NOS pistons. $150 shipped.
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    PTO boot oetiker clamps

    Does anybody know what size oetiker clamps the PTO boot takes on the X4 skis? I don't want to use zip ties and if you buy them individually they charge outrageous prices. Just looking for a size so I can order then from McMaster. Thanks in advance!
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    Excracting broken machine screw

    Hi all, Looking for some advice. Took the ride plate off a 95 XP 800 and a machine screw broke off while trying to back it out with an electric impact. What's the best way to extract it now? Easy-out? Here's a pic.
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    WTB, Dr Honda pump rebuild tool

    As the title states. I'm looking for on of the doc's jet pump rebuild tools. Looks like his website is down. So if anyone is wanting to part with theirs...
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    WTB 2 button UMI trim housing

    Looking to buy a 2 button UMI trim housing with the clear/polished look, not anodized a different color. Let me know what you have! I'd buy a brand new one but it looks like they were discontinued. Thanks!!! Looks like this:
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    Shipping hull

    Has anyone here shipped a hull or jetski? Could you give a ballpark of how much it cost, or if you looked into it how much the quotes were? Thanks.
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    buffing hull

    I know there have been several threads outlining how to remove the oxidation from a hull and then buff it. Is there a general consensus on which method is best and most efficient? Thanks
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    96 xp fuel delivery issues

    So I'll start this off by saying the PTO side jug has a compression of 130 and Mag side is sitting at 145. So it will be getting a new top end from full bore this winter. I had the carbs rebuilt (by someone else), replaced the grey fuel lines, and cleaned the rave valves myself. The high speed...
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    Missing thrust washer???

    I got a new impeller in the mail yesterday from impros so I decided to install it today along with a new wear ring. I got the old wear ring removed and the new one installed. When I went to install the new impeller I noticed It doesn't have a thrust washer. I'm just posting pictures of the jet...
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    2001 rx engine advice

    I bought a 2001 RXDI for $200. The hull is in pristine condition. However, the guy said it won't stay running. I put a new battery in it, and hit the start button. It wouldn't turn over, so I hit it again and it ran for about 3 seconds then shut off all while sounding like it was trying to puke...
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    Impeller and fuel line advice

    96 xp advice thread He guys, doing some work on a 96 xp. Along with polishing the hull, rebuilding the carbs, replacing the grey fuel lines, new seat cover, hydroturf, I'm replacing the wear ring. The impeller is damaged. I'd like your opinion on how bad it is. Should I just ride it like it is...