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    Where can I find carbs kits for these???

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    Where does the bailer water exit?

    it started out as a 97 gts 720
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    Sea doo gtx 951 starting issue please read

    .......what POPPS said^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
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    use deoxit on the connections
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    Bill O'neal

    he has helped me with my 97 GTS many times----thanks for your advice and RIP
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    2000 GTS carb uninstall

    get a qualified seadoo mechinic and quit guessing
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    Graphics and Seat Covers

    make sure ya use stainless steel staples
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    96 SPX (720)

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    seadoo xp 97

    much appreciated--thanks
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    seadoo xp 97

    does the single carb on the 97 GTS have this hose?
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    How do you attach a boarding step?

    I HAD TO USE 1-1/2 SS BOLTS ON MINE w/backing plates
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    Fire Extinguishers

    what a bummer
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    1997 GTS bogging issue - Need help

    snip a 1/4" off each plug wire
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    Florida Classifieds

    trailers alone would be worth that
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    KVPI finger throttle and palm grips on 99GTI

    that 99 GTI looks good:cheers:
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    1996 gts runs great and randomly loses power

    use fresh fuel---93 octane
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    Tuned pipe - 1996 GTX - Special Tool?

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    Help!!! Surging and bogging

    is battery fully charged???