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  1. crisso

    Anyone have discomfort in hand(s) after riding?

    The game of squash that is played in a 4 walled court,has a smaller sized rubber ball than raquet ball.It has a ball the is so good to squeeze.The old 2 handled spring type things.Are good..I use them everyday.Just a few times.Slowly .they work.
  2. crisso

    Trailer Question

    It will be the tyre as Lou and Doc said.They flat spot.After sitting.The rubber goes hard..A loooooong tow may fix it but not likely.
  3. crisso

    This seadoo is one problem to the next. 97 GTX 787

    I am just wondering.A workshop.Free advise.No fee to the site.Am I missing something here?
  4. crisso

    A father son thing

    Sportster Mate! That the best part.I have not long ago got another ski.Now my son is so keen to go out riding.It is great.We did an ocean ride the other day.So good.About 30 miles running along the back of the surf breakers.Just us 2 and a pod of dolphins.It was special.haha And we jumped a few...
  5. crisso

    A father son thing

    Hey Guys.Long time.!Son is now 21.Got married at 19!!!!!! Yes .I know.!But all the time and effort that went into the ski,I thought was lost.He rings me now to say that,Dad.Its all polished up.etc.He loves it.Its a new generation of Seadooers.Me Happy.Thank you Guys.It has been a pretty hard...
  6. crisso

    I'm the "guy" at the docks...

    OK.Go to a big car park.Put your other car in a spot.Now practice backing the trailer in beside it.I bet you wont hit it!
  7. crisso

    A father son thing

    Sorry.I forgot to thank all the people on this site that helped me do the rebuild on the GTX LTD.It would not have happened otherwise.Thank you all.
  8. crisso

    A father son thing

    I lost my ski a while back because of a marriage breakup.I have recently been lucky enough to be able to afford another.But.My son and I went through the rebuild of a GTX LTD.For every nut and bolt he was there.It sat for a while and some other person decided to take it out.Bungs were...
  9. crisso

    I'm the "guy" at the docks...

    The post on here are from people that MAY have backed a trailer in a few thousand times.I used to teach water skiing so I was at the ramp EVERY day.Every thing they said was pretty true.Practice,Will never beat words.You don't need posts.Yes they make it easier,BUT.If you cant see it,Its bloody...
  10. crisso

    Better late than never...

    We got tarps here in Aussie two.Some walks the streets late at night.Say the same damn thing too.Best you tarp that up before you pack it away.
  11. crisso

    12 Year Old Son Saves 96SPI (at gunpoint)

    This post is priceless!! My son helped me rebuild a motor after WE took it out and put it back in.Plenty of knuckle skin lost but the grin on his face after the first ride was the best.
  12. crisso

    Leaving boat in the water

    Salt water.Corrosion is the big issue.You NEED to have sacrificial anodes put on.
  13. crisso

    Electric motor sound from engine compartment

    Use low pressure water but a lot of it!!! It flushes better
  14. crisso

    01 Rx just clicks

    This is a very good post.It should be put somewhere for easy access to all 2 strokers..
  15. crisso

    To old mates

    Hey guys!!!!! Thanks for the reply's.Means a lot to me.I HAD to have another ski and a 3 friends were also buying.I got a pretty good deal.All set up and ride away.Damn things are good on fuel ! It's pretty expensive over here. 8 litres an hour it has averaged.We don't hang around.Jumping in the...
  16. crisso

    01 Challenger oil leak question??

    I know you will find what you need here but,,Dont run the engine until you do please.
  17. crisso


    What Lou said sounds very close to the mark.
  18. crisso

    Anybody lose a 5' chunk of steel on I95 N in S Carolina on Saturday?

    He was following Jake.Maybe.Hi Guys
  19. crisso

    "Cruise Control" for older skis

    Where there is a will,there is a relative
  20. crisso

    Getting ready to replace the infamous grey fuel lines.

    I did my gtx and took a heap of photos before I started.I zip tied and tagged each line.I also made sure the hose clamps are facing in a direction that I can get to and retighten easily at a later date.The zips were about 4-5 inches from the clamps.Just to be sure.And as all before me said.1-2...