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  1. crisso

    A father son thing

    I lost my ski a while back because of a marriage breakup.I have recently been lucky enough to be able to afford another.But.My son and I went through the rebuild of a GTX LTD.For every nut and bolt he was there.It sat for a while and some other person decided to take it out.Bungs were...
  2. crisso

    To old mates

    I have pretty much got things back on track.Bought a NEW ski.New woman(not bought)All the important things are done.I hope you all remember me. :)
  3. crisso

    To ALL Aussies in this site

    From one Aussie to all other Aussies on this site.Go to the thread in the Aussie section and cast a vote.It is in the Lets get more Australians,thread.I have cast the 1st vote.Get one this one fellas.These guys are friends we havn't met yet.
  4. crisso

    Here one thats a bit different

    My son! that one that is on the Qld photo etc. and can ride any ski into the ground(so to speak)mx rider,and rugby league player,Has just told me he is engaged to be married. I actually cried.He is such a nice bloke,and 3 years together,she is a fantastic girl and I could not be happier.But he...
  5. crisso


    Toughest game of football in the world just kicked off.No pads no protection.Australia vs England Rugby League.Right now at Wembly in England.It's worth a look
  6. crisso

    Humpback Whales

    For a few years now,on the east coast of Australia,there has been an Albino humpback going up and down the coast.It travels up the coast for breeding season and then back down for the antartic summer.This year it has not been spotted and they are all heading south. About a week ago at the...
  7. crisso

    route 66

    There is a contest here to win a drive along r66 Either in a 68 Mustang or on a Harley.What's it like? You choose the bike or car
  8. crisso

    here is one that's different

    Cat lovers,DO NOT READ. My cat was just sitting at the back door meoowing like it just caught a mouse.That deep gutterall sound they make. Well.I heard the fight earlier,didn't think much of it.. My cat has a cats it's's very proud of it. Dont know where to go with this.Dont...
  9. crisso

    To all non members viewing

    I just had a look and there was 12 members online and over 110 non-members viewing.Guys! Hop in and sign up.We are only friends you havn't met yet.Costs are zip!
  10. crisso

    The worlds fastest Indian

    I just watched a movie.The Worlds Fastest Indian, An American bike.A Kiwi rider.Against all odds.At an American Icon..What an absolutly great movie.Anthony Perkins A true story about a bloke that gives it his best. Have a look
  11. crisso

    Help to find old newspaper archive

    Hi all.I was hoping someone may have a link or anything,to help me find an old newspaper article.The copy of the newspaper that I have, got wet and it is now stuffed.I have spent hours trying to find it,but The paper is "The Galveston Daily News" and the date of it is...
  12. crisso

    High.res Police footage

    Try and hide in this crowd.I even found a guy with an Australian football gurnsey!!!!!!!It's unbelievable
  13. crisso

    When have you been lucky

    About 2 months ago,I threw some money into a bucket for a local radio station that was collecting for the local hospital.The kids ward.the gave me a ticket to put my name and ph. number on it.I was at a job interview today and just as I got out,phone rings. "come and pickup your new big screen...
  14. crisso

    Keeping beer cold

    I am from australia and was wondering what you guys in the cold,or warm ,do, to chill the beer. At the moment it's a bit cool but the beer still needs to go in the fridge. What do you do when it get's below zero.Turn the fridge off and stick it in the backyard? It never gets that cold here.I...
  15. crisso

    Some pics from the Gold Coast

    I just put some pics from a midweek break.We were on the house boat and the river was the upper reach of the Coomera River just east of Sanctuary Cove.Hope you likem'
  16. crisso

    Ski Photos from Queensland Australia

    Just got back from a few days on the house boat for my daughters 21st.Good weather,water temp and middle of the week.No people.The ski is a 98 GTX LTD "LIMO".Who says you can't throw these things around.1 up,2 up or 3 up.It's my son riding with his mum and then with some friends.29th of...
  17. crisso

    A brain teaser I heard today

    A guy answered this in 3 seconds.(Smartarse) What is greater than god More evil than the devil The wealthy want for it And the poor have it
  18. crisso

    The new Gold Coast AFL Stadium

    Coupla shots of the new stadium I took last night
  19. crisso

    Canetoads vs Cockroaches State of origin

    Qld.Here!!!!!!Hope it's a great game and the cockroaches don't win:thumbsup:
  20. crisso


    There is a new type of craze called planking. Laying flat,face down,arms beside the body and in some really funny places.It has already had some very bad results from extreme 'planking'.Guy near home, fell 7 stories off a balcony rail. On the other side,some workers got fired for 'planking' on...