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    Gtx 230

    Second run of the year, ski starts and dies. Won’t start back up, let it sit for 15 minutes it will start and die, replaced battery no joy.
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    Good year for a used ski

    Looking to get a used 4 stroke, I’m getting rid of my 2 stroke. I have seen a few 2006 gtx, and some 2009 gtis. What are the years to watch out for? Thanks in advance
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    RESTO Bad gas

    99 gti replaced gray fuel lines, and looked in gas tank yellow gas? Is that a concern? Is this normal? Drained gas about to refill
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    RESTO Replacing 2001 gtx motor mounts

    Went riding today the ski was running fine , was jumping a few waves. Took on water motor mount broke. How hard is it to change?
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    Drive shaft 01 gtx

    Replacing carbon seal, when putting back together the stainless hat won’t move down the shaft toward the pump. How do I get the stainless hat down
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    2001 gtx squeaked

    Went out today, 2001 gtx ran around about a hour, ski started acting funny found about 4 inches of water in the hull. Pulled ski out of water and drained. Ran ski in the water on trailer couldn’t find leak, took it home and ran on the couldn’t find leak. Is there a hose that pops off easy under...
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    99 gti exhaust

    I have a opening on my outlet on the exhaust? Is there a plug to put in it ? Exhaust is getting in the engine compartment.
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    Going to replace the fuel lines on skis

    Going to replace my fuel lines on 99 gti and 01 gtx, what size fuel line and how much do I need ? Thanks in advance
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    1999 gti resonator melted

    What would cause a resonator to melt a hole in it the size of a baseball and put a hole in the bleed line. The first run of the season,the ski stopped and had to get towed back in. I guess I’m lucky the engine died, put it back on the trailer drained it started fine even with the water in the hull.