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  1. Sofla

    2016 GTX 260iS nothing but 12v

    Hello... Went to start my ski and upon putting the key on I get nothing . No beep no click no try to start.. nothing. Checking the battery I have 12v. Could a solenoid be the culprit for a completely dead key ? I always thought you hear a audible click or something of a try... even if not...
  2. Sofla

    Bilge pump and ground circuitry

    If I were to have removed the bilge pump. And sting the end not replacing it.. would that contribute in any way to a starybutton failure sympyom? Trying to bird dog a p0616 check engine condition.
  3. Sofla

    2016 HTC 260iS only does 3k rpm?

    Started the ski perfect. . No codes no errors ect. But as I drive it, it won't rev over 3k rpm No cavitation Purring like a kitty No error s? Any clues Any ideas? Plenty of fuel Otherwise it's running smooth. Just only to 3k revs. In sport mode With black key Please help
  4. Sofla

    Startup..and p0616 check engine.

    Suggestive of a circuit faliure on the starter relay... that's what I've read... First ...for these purposes is solenoid the same as relay? Are they used interchangeably but refer to the same part? Or am I looking for each? Here are the facts... Got good tone from the DESS. panel lights up and...
  5. Sofla

    Error P0616

    Having run through the procedures in the manual and with the kind advice from Rick, aka DooGuy..I've made satisfying progress bringing my 2007 challenger 180SE back from a long sit. Unplanned as it was for previous owner, she was rode hard and specifically put away wet. To that end .... it feels...
  6. Sofla

    DESS?...I'm completely dead all of a sudden..!

    When I went to start the 07 challenger 180 215se motor...upon putting the dess lanyard to the post.. I got nothing.. no beeps.. no gauges.. no key power.. nothing... I do have all accessories.. fan , radio. Ect... and there is good voltage at the solenoid to start ... it's just not giving me...
  7. Sofla

    FOR SALE 2016 GTX Limited 260iS 25hrs... exceptional ride, not a single complaint.

    I can write a mile on it and tell you hos it is the pinnacle of achievement for seadoo luxury, power and especially and exceptionally.., RIDE QUALITY..but i encourage you to google it and read yourself., once you are drooling, hit me back and lets talk, this thing fell in my lap by family...
  8. Sofla

    Horrible sound but not at idle... in gear?

    Ive been reading about the carbon ring and what it can cause symptomatically. In hopes of identifying the same problemic sound i get as the latest issue. Seems to be only in gear.. and once accelerating off the idle speed. I can best describe it as a arbitrary clang ; bang with a notable lack of...
  9. Sofla

    2016 gtx limited iS260.... code p2080...? Egt sensor

    Throwing a code that ref. EGT sensor . Not limping just giving the code and check engine light.... went ahead and bought the sensor... but can someone help me out with where exactly the sensor is located and how to get to it as it appears i will need to remove some panels perhaps.?
  10. Sofla

    07 challenger 180 Steering cable replacement

    Hello brain trust... Having a difficult time replacing the steering cable on my 07 challenger 180. The access to the 22mm nut that releases the cable from the stern end is impossible. Requires either dropping the ride plate to get to it... or finding a 10" deep socket to slideover the cable end...
  11. Sofla

    2007 challenger 180 wants to start but ?

    I have had a 2007 seadoo 180 challenger jet boat indoors sitting for a spell while fiberglass repairs were made to damages from an unfortunate kiss with a pylon. Now ready to go again.... it cranks, new plugs, thoroughly cleaned injectors, drained, cleaned and filled tank with fresh gas.. new...